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Your Guide to the Best Anti-Aging Products

Getting slower? Got a few more wrinkles this year? That’s age folks, and it’s working overtime. With 76 million children born in the United States between 1945 and 1964, it’s fair to say that the baby boom generation is reaching that age where the body moves slower, and with more grey.

Does that sting? Don’t sweat it. The baby boom generation is getting older, but it’s got a few bucks stashed under the mattress. In the United Kingdom, baby boomers control 80% of wealth, buy 80% of luxury vehicles and globally account for 80% of all luxury travel. Who says aging has to suck?
And while the baby boom generation seems destined to spend its golden years in relative comfort and with a standard of living unimaginable by previous generations, there’s always that urge to look younger, feel better and to be the first of what will hopefully be a wave of sexy seniors.

About The Anti-Aging Industry

The anti-aging industry is to baby boomers like a ten year-old is to Grandma’s cookie jar – it’s always nearby and has one hand grasping for more.

Advances in anti-aging technology have grown at an impressive rate and do a brisk business at the cash register. In the United States,consumers spend approximately $50 billion each year on supplements for nutrition, fitness, skin tone and products that slow the aging process. Some of them might sound familiar. Ever heard of Botox? It just blew out ten candles on its birthday cake.
There’s no question that Botox sells. So do collagen injections for that matter. But there is a point where injections become time-consuming and painful. And frankly, they’re both just…unnatural.
And what about herbals and botanicals? They’ve been used for thousands of years to treat everything from erectile dysfunction to depression. Can’t they slow the aging process and help one age more gracefully (while not looking like they just stepped out of a plastic surgeon’s laboratory)?
Glad you asked.

HGH Releasers

Welcome to the world of aging with natural supplements.

An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement consisting of herbals and amino acids to stimulate the body to release growth hormone.
If it’s been a while since biology class, growth hormone is a protein-based peptide hormone responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Produced by the pituitary gland, it’s growth hormone that determines your height, bone density and among other things, keeps skin plump and attractive.
Growth hormone production tends to peak in the early twenties, then tapers off, beginning around 30, at about ten per cent each decade. Then come the wrinkles, fatigue, weight gain, and the list goes on.
What You Can Realistically Expect – HGH releasers are formulated to stimulate natural growth hormone production and reduce signs of aging. Benefits include:

  • fewer wrinkles
  • improved skin tone
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • more energy

Consider That…At present, synthetic injections are the only way to supplement growth hormone. That can cost up to $30,000 per year, and in some cases, must be continued for life.
HGH releasers do not contain growth hormone, rather, they stimulate the body to produce it naturally. Among their ingredients, you’ll often find panax ginseng, ginkgo biloba, l-arginine and l-lysine.
Why They’re Appealing – Um, let’s review those benefits again. Fewer wrinkles, more energy, and more lean muscle. That gives you the energy to go golfing, play frisbee, spend time with grand children or do what ever you’ll like to do in your senior years. And you’ll look great in the process.
Top Three HGH Releasers

#1 GenF20 Plus System – Some HGH releasers are formulated with so low a dosage that they don’t work. GenF20 Plus System avoids that problem with an oral spray formulated with Alpha-GPC.
Simply put, Alpha-GPC is an HGH booster that gets the most growth hormone secretion out of your body. Think of it as a turbo-charger for that extra kick on race day.
You should also know that GenF20 Plus System is an enteric absorption system. That helps to deliver the ingredients in GenF20 Plus System to the small intestine for maximum absorption. With an 80-90% absorption rate, compared to 5-15% for non-enteric products, GenF20Plus System is arguably the most effective HGH releaser on the market today.
#2 Provacyl – Formulated with an emphasis on treating andropause – the male version of menopause – Provacyl is an effective HGH releaser that has helped thousands of men across the globe.
A male menopause? That’s a joke right? Actually, it’s a serious issue. While menopause hits women at once and then it’s over with, andropause is a slow descent into erectile dysfunction, weight gain, wrinkles and fatigue. In many men, that’s too much for their ego to take, which can lead to depression and unhappy relationships.

Growth hormone production tends to peak in the early twenties, then tapers off, beginning around 30, at about ten per cent each decade.

While it doesn’t come with enteric coating, or the Alpha-GPC of GenF20Plus System, Provacyl is based on numerous clinical studies regarding the efficacy of HGH releasers and helps men understand and get through a common and, frankly, under-rated health issue that men face.
#3 GenFX – At a respectable third, GenFX is an HGH releaser with similar ingredients as found in GenF20Plus System and Provacyl. While it’s a lesser known product, GenFX is doctor-approved and packs decent value, with free shipping on orders over five months.
Granted, third place is third place, and doctors usually get paid well to endorse products, but they’ll rarely lend their names to faulty products. And with the abundance of less-than-appealing practices in the anti-aging industry, an HGH releaser that is safe, delivers what it claims and packs reasonable value and with an established track record is worth your consideration.

Wrinkle Creams

The skin care industry packs big numbers. With annual sales of cosmetics (and perfumes) at $170 billion across the globe each year, the manufacturers make top dollar for consumers who want to look good and preferably young.

While you’ll find plenty of facial creams at your local pharmacy, most often they’re little more than moisturizers that don’t penetrate deep into the skin. They may keep your face hydrated, but they’ll rarely treat wrinkles and reduce signs of aging.
Hence, the wrinkle cream; an anti-aging cream formulated with botanicals and patented peptides.
What You Can Realistically Expect – An anti-aging cream should stimulate collagen production. And specifically, a wrinkle cream should soften the facial skin, reduce fine lines and, yes, fade those tell-tale wrinkles.
Consider That…Parabens are chemical preservatives commonly found in many skin care products. Research links parabens to development of breast cancer.
Being comprised of botanicals and patented peptides, an anti-aging wrinkle cream is a hybrid of natural skin care and the latest in anti-aging technology. Choose a wrinkle cream with the fewest, if any parabens and you may avoid the health effects linked to this common preservative.
Why They’re Appealing – Unless you’re into collagen injections, which are pricey and painful, an effective wrinkle cream is your best bet to reduce wrinkles, look young and keep people guessing your true age.
The Top Three Wrinkle Creams
#1 Kollagen Intensiv – At the top of your list should be the flagship product from the Skinception line of skin care products. Kollagen Intensiv blends botanicals and patented peptides that stimulate collagen, tighten the facial skin and make wrinkles disappear.
Unless you’re into collagen injections, which are pricey and painful, an effective wrinkle cream is your best bet to reduce wrinkles, look young and keep people guessing your true age.
Numbers count, and in this case, the numbers are impressive. In a recent clinical study, Kollagen Intensiv reduced the appearance of wrinkles by up to 354%. That’s in no small part thanks to Syn®-Coll, one of those patented peptides we’ve talked about.
If those numbers aren’t enough to convince you that Kollagen Intensiv is the best wrinkle cream on the market, consider that it’s backed by a 90 day money back guarantee and offers live, 24/7 customer support. That’s great for peace of mind and offers assurance that Skinception cares about its clients.

#2 Revitol Complete Anti-Aging – Revitol won’t blow you away with a comprehensive website or even clinical studies to back its claims of being “a revolutionary anti-aging cream”, but Revitol Complete Anti-Aging has the goods packed in its formulation and generally delivers reduction of wrinkles.
Let’s talk about those ingredients for a moment. In Revitol Complete Anti-Aging you’ll find hyaluronic acid, shea butter and primrose oil – all proven to reduce wrinkles, and when combined, should stimulate enough collagen to erase those signs of age.
That said, Revitol Complete Anti-Aging goes a little heavier in the parabens department than you might like, and their marketing efforts are underwhelming, to say the least. A respectable anti-aging cream.
Dermology Anti-Aging Solution – Dermology Anti-Aging Solution plays the hype machine very well. On its website, you’ll note that it’s been advertised on CNN and MSNBC. Does that make it a good wrinkle cream? Kinda.
Dermology blends a few of those patented peptides we’ve talked about with hyaluronic acid, but there’s not much beyond that. In fact, it doesn’t advertise what’s in the formulation beyond three ingredients. And those are the details we need to know.
This doesn’t mean that Dermology Anti-Aging Solution doesn’t deliver. With the amount of money Dermology spends on product placements, they’ve got to deliver something.
But it does mean that, with the alternative anti-aging wrinkle creams available to you, Dermology should be your third choice.

Eye Creams

You see age in many places on the human body, but you really see it around the eyes. Crow’s feet, laugh lines and dark circles under the eyes all hint of age and can add years to an already aging facade. Yet, a lucky few look younger than their age and leave you guessing how they do it.
Part of that is luck. Some people are more prone to eye bags and wrinkles than others. And lifestyle plays a part – if you smoke, drink heavily, eat a salt-rich diet or haven’t slept in about twenty years, you’re gonna see it.

But more often, it’s a combination of good genes and studious skin care. And at the center, a great anti-aging eye cream.
What You Can Realistically Expect – An eye cream should tighten the skin under the eyes and increase oxygen circulation. That, in turn, should reduce bagginess. And it should reduce the muscle contractions that lead to fine lines.
Consider That…Botox is the most powerful neurotoxin known to man. Four kilograms of botox, if evenly distributed, it more than enough to kill the entire human race. If that’s not a reason to switch to an eye cream, consider also that botox injections can be painful and will most certainly run into thousands of dollars each year.
Why They’re Appealing – Back to the intro: age shows around the eyes.
With a generation of baby boomers well into its mid-sixties and on the edge of retirement, consumers want to look young, feel sexy and spend their senior years not looking like, well, seniors. Being safe, effective, painless and affordable, an anti-aging eye cream can help with that.
The Top Three Eye Creams
#1 Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy – According to Eyelasticity, there are three evils of eye-aging. The first is expression lines. The second is dark circles and third is puffiness. Eyelasticity, formulated with Eyeseryl® and Pro-Coll-One+, treats all three.

Let’s look at more numbers. Eyeseryl® is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by an average of 20%. Regu®-age can reduce under-eye circles by 35% and Pro-Coll-One+ is proven to stimulate collagen production by an astounding 1,190%. What do they all have in common? They’re all in Eyelasticity.
You’ll find solid value with Eyelasticity, with a six month supply clocking in at $289.95 an additional two free jars and free express shipping in the United States. Comparable results as with Botox at a fraction of the price. Eyelasticity is the best anti-aging eye cream for your dollar.
#2 Dermagist Eye Precision System – Dermagist has figured out that consumers want more than just flashy promos on the major networks – they want proof that the product works. And good for Dermagist, there’s at least some of that on its website.
Having said that, the average adult is exposed to 187 hazardous chemicals each day and it’s therefore advisable to review the ingredient list of any skin products you purchase. Unfortunately, Dermagist doesn’t list its ingredients on its website.
The bottom line, however, is that Dermagist Eye Precision System is a quality anti-aging eye cream. Give it the chance and you’ll reduce age around the eyes.
#3 Eye Secrets – Another anti-aging cream with plenty of media coverage, Eye Secrets provides “instant lift”. Purportedly, to the same degree as botox.

Believe me, claims of topical botox are common place in the skin care industry, but to its credit, Eye Secrets provides the same instant eye lift effect.
So what’s the caveat? And why is Eye Secrets the third best eye cream? Well, the results don’t last. And Eye Secrets doesn’t tell us what’s in that mystery concoction that provides that sexy lift. That leaves you wondering, what the heck is lurking in there?
What’s more, Eye Secrets is offered out of the United Kingdom. All prices are in British Pounds, and with the exchange rate, you could buy two and a half jars of Eyelasticity for a month supply of Eye Secrets.
Eye Secrets is still a quality eye cream. But all things considered, your best best remains Eyelasticity.
+Steven  Hutchings

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