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Your Intro to Natural Remedies

So you’ve got the itch for natural remedies? That’s cool. Those natural herbs and spices sitting by the fridge do more than just blend in to the wall – they do stuff for your health!
A little ginger may reduce digestion problems and treat allergies. Add olive oil to dry skin and you’ve got a natural moisturizer. A little nature goes a long way. Go nature!
There’s a natural remedy for everyone, be it for skin care or digestion, erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. Name your pleasure, dig deep and you’ll find relief. The question is, where do you start to learn about natural remedies?
In one square kilometer of the Amazon rain forest, there may be over a thousand different kinds of trees and thousands of plant species. An estimated 438,000 plants in the Amazon hold social or economic interest. And 70% of the rain forest plants identified by the US National Cancer Institute may fight cancer.
That is correct. There could already be a cure for cancer. And it could be natural.

There’s a natural remedy for everyone, be it for skin care or digestion, erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness

But that’s for another day. You’re not looking to cure cancer, you’re here to learn about natural care for non-life threatening ailments, correct? I hope so, because nature can help you look pretty, ease tummy trouble, even increase blood flow to your ticker, if you let it.
To that end, in this article we’ll discuss natural solutions for skin care, digestive problems and for your sex life.
Don’t you just love natural remedies??

Skin Care

There are 82,000 ingredients in personal care products, of which more than 10,000 are the nasty industrial chemicals you’d do well to avoid. They include carcinogens, pesticides and reproductive toxins. Where do they go on application? I’ll give you a hint: inside you.
Sad but true. The body absorbs said ingredients, just like you’d eaten them. Common offenders? Lipstick, moisturizers, deodorant.

Fact: The average North American adult is exposed to 168 hazardous chemicals each day
Source: Environmental Working Group

A growing number of consumers and advocates take issue with such nasty ingredients and the health issues linked to them. And with that, a greater interest in natural skin care and products that may side-step these problems.
Let’s define natural skin care as products that nurture the skin with natural ingredients, including:

  • herbs
  • roots
  • oils
  • flowers

That’s not an exhaustive list, mind you, but it gives an idea of what you’ll encounter within that broad definition. If it comes from nature, it’s natural. And it can’t have synthetic chemicals, even as preservatives.
The Case For:
Wanna see that list again? Over ten thousand harmful industrials in common personal care products. Absorbed right into the bloodstream. And among them, parabens, which are linked to breast cancer.
That’s not to say that parabens, which are common chemical preservatives, are medically proven to cause this killer of women. But there’s enough evidence to suggest that they may not be safe for long-term use. If you can find products without parabens, choose them. Solutions? Natural skin care.
Again, huge topic. You can spend days sifting through the many natural skin products that clamor for your purchase. But among the more common ingredients and products, you’ll find:

  • jojoba
  • safflower oil
  • shea butter
  • aloe vera
  • argan oil

One of the more vocal supporters of natural skin care is Charmaine Ciancuillo, a former model and Canadian blogger who advocates positive body image for young women with natural products that range from mineral makeup to water-based nail polish. Her blog is
The Case Against:
Of course, there are few guarantees in life, and if you want one, you’d best buy a toaster!
All kidding aside, natural skin care products should work, but there are no assurances that they’re ideal for every skin type and sensitivity. And considering that the FDA does not regulate what goes in to most personal care products, natural or otherwise, it’s up to you, the consumer, to review the ingredients of the products you buy.
Another knock against natural skin care, albeit a moderate one, is that they tend to expire earlier than their unnatural brethren. Chalk that up the the absence of chemical preservatives. That’s the same principle as with health food, by the way. If it can go bad, it’s generally good for you.
And natural skin products are often on the expensive side.
You Should Also Know…
Natural skin products are potent healers, but they often lack the oomph to reverse signs of aging, like wrinkles and eye bags. As moisturizers, they’re great. Just don’t ask nature to undo years of smoking or three decades of sun damage.
Moving Forward:
If you can overlook their shortcomings, think about making the switch to natural skin care products.
Yes, they’re more expensive. Yes, they’ll go bad sooner. But that’s a good thing. Remember that scene in Supersize Me, when film maker Morgan Spurlock observed that a pack of McDonald’s fries just wouldn’t go bad, even after six months?
Now think about all the preservatives in the personal products you use, the moisturizers, the deodorants. Ten thousand industrial chemicals. Straight to the bloodstream and throughout your anatomy. Groovy.
But what about anti-aging? How do you reverse wrinkles and stretch marks and all those joyous reminders of where you’re at in the journey of life?

To reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, nature might need help. Your job, as the consumer, is to purchase specialty anti-aging creams that serve one function and that serve that function with the fewest synthetic preservatives.

Good question. Look for skin care products with a blend of botanicals like beta glucan and soybean fiber with patented peptides like Regestril® and SYN®-COLL. Avoid parabens, or at least, choose products with the fewest of them.
To reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, nature might need help. Your job as the consumer is to purchase specialty, anti-aging creams that serve one function, and that perform that function with the fewest synthetic preservatives.
Want to reduce wrinkles? Try a wrinkle cream. Eye bags? An eye cream. The skin products featured on Natural Health Source are quality creams. They’re hybrids, of natural skin care and dermal technology, and they’re generally stronger than the over-the-counter products found in your local drug store. Not natural skin care, but close to it.
And that, dear friend, is a reasonable compromise.

Digestive Problems

I think everyone’s got a story of a grandmother/aunt/motherly figure who could cure any ailment that was digestive in origin. And maybe she had those mysterious concoctions in a book somewhere, and it sat, for years, collecting dust in a cupboard.
Fast forward a few decades. That recipe book has morphed into a thing called the internet. And that grandmother/aunt/motherly figure who could cure what ailed ya? Google “herbal remedies for digestion problems” and there she is!
While times have changes, herbals have not. And to that end, let’s define natural digestion remedies as supplements that assist digestion, for ongoing health of the gastrointestinal system, and which reduce and even eliminate related problems, including irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.
The Case For:
Estimates suggest that at least 15% of Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Most of them are women between 30 and 60. And it can make life very difficult (and, um, just a little embarrassing).
But it’s not just IBS that plagues American tummies. There’s also acid reflux, in which hydrochloric acid escapes the stomach and enters the esophagus. Symptoms include heartburn, burping, nausea, chronic sore throat and that gross taste in your mouth when you “mini-vomit” after a meal.
Is there a way to treat digestive problems with natural and/or herbal supplements? You bet your ailing stomach there is!
Natural supplements for digestion often consist of a two or three part system, for pain relief, acid or enzyme renewal and a fiber and nutrient supplement for ongoing digestive support. Among the more common herbals used to treat digestive problems, you’ll find:

  • flaxseed
  • psyllium husk
  • ginger root
  • chia seed

Notably, chia seed shows immense potential for its ability to ease a variety of digestion problems and for its exceptional health benefits. At 16% protein, 31% fat and 44% carbohydrate, of which 38% is fiber, there’s something in chia for everyone.
Consider also that antacids, proton pump inhibitors, laxatives and IBS and reflux medicines can alter the constitution of the gastrointestinal system and are generally not safe for long-term use. More over, prolonged use of such medicines can aggravate symptoms and cause dependence.
Wanna take a laxative every time you go to the bathroom? I don’t!
The Case Against:
Being natural, such supplements tend to have a shorter shelf life than typical digestion treatments. They can be hard to obtain, as they’re often available only through the internet (unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, in which case you can pop by your local health store).
They’re not the cheapest way to treat digestion, either.
There’s also a tendency in health circles to classify natural supplements as “alternative medicine”, which some observers might say undermines their ability to treat digestion problems when compared to the tried and true methods – aka antacids.
You Should Also Know…

Consider also that antacids, proton pump inhibitors, laxatives and IBS and reflux medicines can alter the constitution of the gastrointestinal system and are generally not safe for long-term use.

Colon cleansing, another popular digestion query, serves an important function, albeit not what you might think.
Feces do not build up in the colon and infect the body. But, and it’s an important “but”, the GI tract is easily inflamed and can trigger digestion problems, lethargy, poor skin condition and the same symptoms often linked to the myth of feces build-up, or “auto-intoxification”.
There are many benefits to colon cleansing, but if you choose to do so, choose a system that treats inflammation of the GI tract with herbals and fiber supplements rather that one that simply blasts feces out of the colon with harsh laxatives that can damage your digestion system.
Moving Forward:
Consider natural supplements for digestion problems. Generally speaking, they’re safer than most digestion medicines and you can use them indefinitely.
Keep in mind that many people with digestion problems are prone to food allergies, and it’s therefore advisable to review the ingredient list of any natural supplements you buy for digestion. When in doubt, always check with your doctor.
Having said that, think about natural ways and supplements to treat digestion. I’d put fifty bucks on it that they’re much more effective than anything you’ll find in your local drug store.
And remember that an effective supplement can treat the causes of digestive problems rather than just symptom reduction. That’s major.

Female Enhancement

Remember that comment I made earlier about herbals and the sex drive? Get set to get wet, ladies, cause herbals can help with that.
Estimates suggest that up to fifty per cent of American women aren’t pleased in the bedroom. And ten per cent of women have never orgasmed at all.
Two of the most common sexual problems that affect women are anorgasmia and vaginal dryness. The former is an inability to orgasm. The latter defines itself.
So you’ve heard about female enhancement and you’re wondering how herbs and botanicals can put jump in your trousers? Let’s define female enhancement as either a cream or a libido pill, comprised of botanicals to stimulate blood flow to the privates and to optimize sexual health, balance shifting hormones and restore interest in and enjoyment of sex.
The Case For:
Let’s review that number again: almost one in two women in the Unites States are not happy with their sex lives. Ten per cent of American women have never orgasmed. And there’s no female Viagra.
Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s no pharmaceutical pill that will instantly have your sex drive firing on all cylinders if you’re a lady. But there may be a safer and more enjoyable way to do that, with proven botanicals that assist in the orgasm process. Common natural supplements in female enhancement products include:

  • ginseng
  • ginkgo biloba
  • l-arginine
  • black cohosh root

A female enhancement gel provides instant lubrication, for immediate gratification, and being natural, may avoid the health risks linked to drugstore lubricants, which often include a harmful petrochemical, called nonoxynol-9, which can increase risk of STDs.
1_7_Hand_On_Mans_BackA female enhancement pill, or libido pill, is a dietary supplement that rebalances the shifting hormones that are often responsible for dryness and reduced interest in sex. While they take longer, once they kick in, clients report less dryness, more sex, and deeper, more intense orgasms.
Told ya nature does great things!
The Case Against:
Ever been spammed? There’s definitely a stigma to male and female enhancement and that hurts their image.
That’s unfortunate, because female enhancement products consist of botanicals used since ancient times and the good ones are proven and offer the peace of mind that comes with a solid guarantee.
Female enhancement products can be inconvenient to purchase, as they’re rarely available through your local pharmacy; you’ve got to go online to buy them.
You Should Also Know…
Female enhancement gels are available as water, oil and silicone-based products. Choose a water-based gel, as they’re easier to clean than oil and silicone options.
Moving Forward:
With so many unhappy women behind closed doors, female enhancement is catching on as that purported female Viagra.
That’s not surprising, because the botanicals used in enhancement gels and libido pills have stood the test of time and have been used extensively by ancient cultures in Europe, Asia and South America.
Does this mean that herbals and botanicals can boost your sex life? Yup, it does. But it’s advisable to do your homework when choosing a product. Have a look around Natural Health Source for ideas and don’t be afraid to contact the companies directly.

Male Enhancement

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about twenty million spam emails about penis pills. There’s that stigma again. Is it deserved? Sometimes.
Besides, men have Viagra. And Cialis, and Levitra. Why bother with herbal supplements for the sex drive at all?
Well, Viagra and company are linked to side effects including head aches, blurry vision, and in some cases, heart attacks. And they’re expensive, at roughly twenty bucks a pop. They don’t treat the causes of reduced sex drive either, and instead offer an erection on demand.
Hence, the almighty penis pill – an herbal supplement for your sex life that can increase desire for sex and load of ejaculate. Generally the stuff that makes sex great.
Male enhancement is a broad term for products that help a man’s ability to have sex (and yes, it includes ways to increase penis size without surgery), but to keep things simple, let’s define male enhancement as either a pill for long-term sexual performance or gel for instant arousal.
The Case For:
Do you really have to twist a man’s arm to have sex?
The problem is, sex problems are common place among procreators with a penis. There’s erectile dysfunction. There’s lack of interest in sex as testosterone falters. The joys of aging can take a bite out of your sex life. Cue male enhancement.
Male enhancement products, both pills and gels, are natural products that use ancient botanicals to stimulate blood flow to the penis and increase its capacity. And semen volume enhancers increase ejaculate size, for larger, more impressive loads and an extended orgasm to die for.
Some of the most common ingredients in male enhancement pills and gels include:

  • damiana
  • tribulus terrestris
  • ginkgo biloba
  • muira pauma
  • Asian red ginseng

Additionally, one of the better-known enhancement pills, VigRX Plus, contains Bioperene, an extract from black pepper fruit, and it’s clinically proven to increase the absorption rate of the nutrients it’s combined with.
Considering how sex problems can increase with age, and that sex can make or break a relationship or marriage, male enhancement does brisk business, and it’s not hard to see why.
The Case Against:
As you can imagine, there are faulty and sometimes dangerous male enhancement products, and for that reason, it’s advisable to purchase enhancement products and herbals for sex only through a reputable manufacturer with an established track record and medical endorsement.

Male enhancement, despite what you may have heard, is the real deal and perform the same functions as Viagra and its cousins

There’s no question that spam penis pill emails cast a shadow over the enhancement industry, and honest companies that offer quality male enhancement products suffer for it.
For the record, male enhancement is not a scam. But the emails that clog your inbox from fly-by-night operators do little to convince many consumers otherwise.
And as with many natural sex supplements, they’re rarely available in stores and must be purchased online.
You Should Also Know…
Male enhancement pills are dietary supplements. They contain no pharmaceuticals and therefore do not require a doctor’s prescription. The same goes for female enhancement products.
Moving Forward:
Give male enhancement the chance to invigorate your sex life, with more frequent sex, larger and longer orgasms. And instant hardness, as offered by enhancement gels.
Having said that, you’ll want to do your research. Skip those annoying spam emails. Choose a product by an established company with medical endorsement, live 24/7 customer support and a firm guarantee. Got questions? Call the company.
Male enhancement, despite what you may have heard, is the real deal and can perform the same functions as Viagra and its cousins.
Also consider the quality of the ingredients used in the product you choose. At present, VigRX Plus is the only herbal supplement for the sex drive with Bioperene, and it meets all the prerequisites listed above.

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