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The G-spot: Truth or Fiction?

63_1_Woman_G-Spot_Orgasm_FaceHere’s an odd question for you. What do strange lights in the Nevada sky have in common with a mythical structure buried deep within the female sexual anatomy?
The answer: aside from the the obvious – they’ve existed just outside of proof for decades – both Area 51 and the G-spot – reached milestones in the past two years. On the former, the CIA admitted that many of the mysterious goings on just outside Las Vegas can be attributed to the secretive airforce base. Yes, it exists. No word on Roswell, though. I wanna see some little green men!
And the Grafenberg Spot? Well, a retired Florida surgeon claims he found the elusive G-spot in May of last year, with the first photographic evidence of the mystical erogenous zone that many observers believe exists somewhere near the front of the vagina.
This area is a source of stimulation for about 50% of women. The debate is whether the G-spot – if it exists – is the source of such pleasure.

Researcher Claims He’s Found the G-Spot

Lumped in with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster for some, a simple bedroom trick for others, the G-spot has long been a source of contention, both in medical circles and bedrooms alike. Now a researcher in Florida claims he’s found this most elusive of prizes. The G-spot is real, he says, and he’s got the photographs to prove it.
The supposed G-spot is an anatomical structure that resembles a tiny bunch of grapes. It’s a bluish sac, deep within the front vaginal wall, says the researcher, Adam Ostrzenski, MD, PhD of St. Petersburg, Florida, who speculates it may elevate this tissue during arousal and stimulate excitment.
The method by which he made the discovery is controversial. A former gynecologist and obsetrician, Ostrzenski found the structure when he disected the corpse of an 81-year old woman. Some observers question whether this constitutes ‘proof’ of the so-called G-spot. We know nothing about this woman’s sex life, they say, or even if the structure is present in other women.
Still, others refuse to dismiss the finding. Christopher Estes, MD and assistant professor of obsetrics and gynecology at the University of Miami, says there is evidence that the structure exists among all women. Women who claim to experience a G-spot orgasm often describe a hardening on the inside of the vagina, like an almond or a peanut.
Those descriptions are consistent with Ostrzenski’s discovery, says Estes.
The G-spot is named for German researcher and gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who ironically had nothing to do with the theory of an erotic zone within the front vaginal wall, insisting otherwise, that female stimulation came from the anterior, along the urethra.

A Grain of Salt

Reactions to Ostrzenski’s claims have been mixed, with slightly more leaning to skeptical. Some observers take issue with his methodology. His background, too, has attracted some attention – and some scrutiny. His resume indicates that Ostrzenski once performed a gynecological practice that purportedly enhanced G-spot sensitivity.
This, despite no evidence that the G-spot was real, or proof that the procedure worked.
63_2_Young_Woman_Brown_HairThe doctor who photographed the dissection doesn’t escape scrutiny either. Mark Scheinberg, MD documented Ostrzenski’s progress as he cut through four layers of tissue to make his discovery. He presently offers collagen injections – the controversial ‘G Shot’ – theoretically to enhance sensitivity, performed at his office in Florida.
Still other skeptics question why, if it really exists, no one has found the G-spot until now. Ostrzenski, who said he practiced gynecology for many years, indicated that most textbook descriptions of the female anatomy were, in his opinion, inaccurate. By his logic, the G-spot existed deep beneath the vaginal walls and could therefore only be found through dissection with a fresh corpse, before tissue-altering formeldahyde set in.
The tiny sac he discovered sat atop a structure called the perineal membrane. Cutting it open, he found bluish tissue that resembled a tiny bunch of grapes with a white tail. Some observers argue that due to its tiny size, a typical dissection would go right through it unless the surgeon knew what he was looking for.
Ostrzenski’s findings are published in the May 2012 issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Finding Your G-Spot

Many women are convinced the G-spot not only exists, it’s easy to find. Indeed, Google ‘How to Find Your G-spot‘ and you’ll get over 350 million hits. Not that it’s a one-size-fits-all solution, and this assumes that the G-spot is real, but if there is a G-spot, many women claim to find it with the following techniques:
Go ‘Gyno’ – Wash your hands. Sit on your bed with your legs apart, like you would when visiting a gynecologist. Then, with lube on your middle finger, insert it in your vagina with your palm facing upward. Your G-spot should be on the top wall of your vagina, half-way between your vaginal opening and cervix. The spot will probably feel rough, like the surface of a walnut.
Use a Curved Vibrator – If your fingers don’t hit the spot (pun intended!), try a curved vibrator or wand. Gently rub the toy over the spot when you get there – you’ll be in ecstasy.
Recruit Your Man – Rest your head on several pillows and get comfortable. Get in the same position on your bed that you would if exploring the area by yourself. Now have your partner insert his middle finger and curve it back in a beckoning ‘come hither’ movement when it’s inside. He can also stimulate your clitoris with his thumb simultaneously for your added enjoyment.
63_4_Couple_On_Bed_Black_and_WhiteUse His Curve – While every penis is different, many guys have a slight curve when erect. That can work in your favor if he can angle it to hit your G.
Try the Butterfly – Consider the Butterfly position if your man has a straight erection. Lay on your back on a counter or table. Rest your legs on his shoulders and tilt your pelvis up so your back is straight and angled up towards him and your crotches meet. Have him support your hips with his hands so he can hold you close with each thrust.
Do Standing Doggy Style – This lines his penis up perfectly with your G-spot. You’re probably familiar with the basics of this movement – stand in front of a wall or mirror with your back facing him. He then enters you from behind, from where you can experiment to find the right angle.
Raise Your Pelvis – In this slight variation of the missionary position, prop your pelvis up with a few pillows under your rear. This angle should put the two of you in good alignment to put G on your side.
Note that a G-spot orgasm feels like you need to pee (in a good way!). You may have extra lubrication too.

How to Boost Sex Drive

For some women, just wanting sex is a chore – let alone touching bliss with G-spot-type passion. Many women lose sex drive over time and they’re not happy about it, as documented in a 2011 study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative.
Women can increase sex drive with the following tips, or with a natural libido pill like Provestra. And who knows? Try the techniques mentioned in this article and you might even find your G-spot is not so hard to find.
Tune In To Your Senses – A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who focus on their senses report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. You can practice this with a simple technique: once a day, choose a snack and savor its texture, taste and aroma. Do this enough and you’ll develop a keen sense of the stimuli that get you hot and bothered.
Flirty Conversations – Text to your advantage – send him racy comments about the the time you did it in the kitchen or other sexy moments in your relationship. That should build anticipation of play time for the two of you. Just don’t do this while driving (don’t be a distracted driver!).
63_5_ProvestraWear What Feels Sexy – Wear lingerie if it makes you feel sensual. But do this for you – not him – and wear something else if it’s more effective. Try that silk blouse that feels amazing on your skin, or the dangling earings that lightly graze your neck. They’ll divert attention back to your body and the sensuality that defines you.
Racing Hearts – There’s a clear link between body confidence and feelings of sex appeal. A study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality documents the more people exercise, the more desirable they feel. So get out and move around, whether that’s yoga, aerobics or any other cardio-related exercise that gets your heart racing.
Gaze At His Image – Spend 30 seconds looking at an image of your partner and you may want lovin’ – researchers at Rutger University reviewed MRI scans of people who looked at images of their partners and found activity in areas of the brain that stimulate dopamine. In turn, this led to desire, and feelings of wanting.
Finally, don’t neglect diet. Food plays a key role in your health and well-being, with your sexual wellness among them. Peruse this list of orgasm-friendly foods combined with the tips on how to find your G-spot in this article and you’re a step closer to a vibrant sex life.

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