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Hair Loss at 20

Balding_HeadBalding hurts at any age. But it’s nothing short of murder for your confidence when you see hair loss at 20. It’s hard – especially if you’re single and trying to meet women at this age while maintaining your self worth at the sight of your thinning reflection.
Let’s not forget those comments either. You know how it goes; it’s those people who have no clue that, just maybe, it really ticks you off when they point out the obvious. Like you’re blind or something, and haven’t noticed and need to be told through pictures and remarks that your future is bald.
There’s good news and bad news about this touchy subject. The bad news is the majority of male pattern baldness is hereditary – and, unfortunately, that means what you think. You’re programmed to lose hair and not get it back.
The good news is a little more encouraging. Hair loss options are getting better by the year, including transplants and our own natural hair loss treatment, Profollica. There’s even talk of a hair loss cure, though now we’re getting into stem cells and uncharted territory.
You can also see hair loss at 20 as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Some of the coolest and most successful guys around have made their mark after they doffed their strands out of necessity. Among them are the highest-grossing Hollywood actor in 2013 and a 5’6” bald man in his mid-thirties who became the best pick-up artist on the planet.

So You’ve Got Hair Loss At 20

First, relax. Hair loss is stressful, but it’s important to first speak with your doctor to rule out non-genetic factors.
Guys are indeed losing hair earlier than their fathers. Four trichologists who spoke to the Times of India say while it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, more than that could indicate a health issue. Consider that the body typically sheds hair in response to extreme mental or physical stress, with hair loss that shows up several months after the event.
You might see hair loss a few months after food poisoning, for example, from nutrient malabsorption. So if you’re seeing rapid hair loss, it’s important to retrace your steps.
Four common reasons guys experience rapid hair loss at 20 include stress, bad habits, poor nutrition and even pollution.
Handsome_Man_Hair_Loss_at_20The good news here is that non-genetic hair loss can often be reversed. In fact, the trichologists interviewed in the Times of India article suggest you can see up to an 80% improvement in hair growth with some basic changes, including:
Eat Protein-Rich Foods – With the exception of bone marrow, hair is the only body part that grows at half an inch each month. You need to feed that growth, with hair-friendly foods and which are typically high in protein. High on that list are spinach, almonds, tofu, milk and salmon.
Note the body conserves protein when it’s in short supply. That’s why you may see hair loss from a low-protein diet – the body diverts that energy from hair growth for other, more vital functions.
Be Kind to Your Hair – Stress, heat, chemicals and excessive styling can all impede hair growth and lead to brittle hair that easily breaks. You can address that by learning to manage stress. Avoid heat from blowdryers, and condition your hair with almond or coconut oil three nights a week. Leave it in overnight and rinse it out the next morning.
Don’t Smoke (and Don’t Drink So Much) – This disgusting habit is bad for your skin, heart, lungs and brain. But smoking may speed up hair loss too, because carbon monoxide prevents your blood from transporting essential vitamins and nutrients to the hair follicles. Moreover, nicotine constricts your blood vessels, further impeding hair growth. Your move? Quit smoking – hard to do, but with profound results.
While we’re on the subject, you may want to watch the booze if you’ve got hair loss at 20. Drinking alcohol can zap the body of hair-friendly iron, which the body needs to absorb zinc. The deydration caused by excessive drinking doesn’t help either.

Still Losing Hair?

You’ve got hair loss at 20, after changing your diet and lifestyle habits to help remedy the non-genetic factors that may impede hair growth. That may be the issue – genetic hair loss accounts for almost 95% of all male pattern balding. You can usually tell genetic hair loss by thinning at the temples and crown.
If the men in your family have this kind of hair loss, and you’ve ruled out medications, health conditions and the factors we’ve already talked about, you know where this is going.
Genetic hair loss in guys is caused by sensitivity to a hormone called DHT. It’s a very potent – and destructive – form of testosterone that shrinks hair follicles until they disappear. That’s why it’s so important to deal with hair loss quickly if you want to do it with a traditional hair loss medication.
You’ve got options if you’ve got genetic hair loss at 20, which we’ll discuss as follows:

Option #1 – Shave Your Head

The easiest way to deal with hair loss, short of ignoring it, is to shave your head. To do this, you’ll want your hair short. Apply shaving cream to your scalp, then, with a high-quality razor – preferably a head shaver – shave off the growth.
Pros of Head-Shaving – Super-easy and cheap to do. You’ll save money on shampoo, conditioner, hair loss medications and trips to the barber. If you can rock a bald head, roll with it. Be the cool, bad bald guy and there’s your solution.
Handsome_Bald_GuyA lot of folks link baldness with high testosterone – and plenty of ladies love this look. Just look at Vin Diesel!
Cons of Head-Shaving – You’re not Vin Diesel (or are you, cause if you are, man, you kill it!). You may pull off a shaved head, but there’s a chance you won’t too.
Should I Shave My Head? – There’s no harm in doing this once to see if it flies. Try a head shave and ask around. Do your family and friends like it? Ask a few women too. More importantly, ask yourself if you think you rock a shaved head. If yes, congratulations. If not, keep reading…

Option #2 – Hair Transplants

Hair transplants relocate hair from a non-balding (called the donor) area to where it’s more sporadic. In this common surgical procedure, a medical team removes hundreds of tiny skin grafts from the donor strip and places them within just as many incisions placed on the recipient area. You’ll be anesthetized for this, and likely see new hair growth after about three months.
Pros of Hair Transplants – Hair transplants are permament, and they’re getting better each year. Doctors can now transplant more hair in less time. New research suggests we may even transplant hair growing stem cells with this technique within ten years for even better results.
Cons of Hair Transplants – You need to be realistic with hair transplants. While you will see a difference, they don’t grow new hair – at least not yet. Also, you’ll need to have enough donor hair to make hair transplants a viable option. And the price can be an issue; expect to pay between $8,000 to $20,000+.
Should I Get Hair Transplants? – Like head-shaving, you don’t have much to lose by at least getting information to see if hair transplants are going to work for you. Most clinics do free consultations. Speak with one, or several, and explore this further if you like.

Option #3 – Hair Loss Medications

You’ve heard of Rogaine, and you may know of Propecia. The former is a topical application that works best on frontal hair loss. Propecia is a medication that fights excessive DHT – but comes with creepy side effects you need to consider.
Pros of Hair Loss Medications – They both work. Rogaine is reasonably effective for guys in early stages of balding, so if you have hair loss at 20, it’s an option to consider. Propecia may work even better, though you’ll need a prescription to buy it.
Cons of Hair Loss Medications – Rogaine appears to work best for guys under 40. But it’s the side effects of Propecia that may disuade you from hair loss medications completely, including erectile dysfunction and impotence – which may be permanent, even if you stop using the drug.
ProfollicaShould I Try Hair Loss Medications? – Rogaine is probably OK, but while it’s tempting to address hair loss with Propecia, those side effects are concerning. As an alternative, you may want to try a natural hair loss medication, Profollica, which you can buy right here at Natural Health Source.

What Should I Do If I Have Hair Loss At 20?

First, speak with your doctor. He knows your medical history and can look for medications, stress and any non-genetic factors that may explain why you’re losing hair at such a young age. If it’s non-genetic, you may be in luck. Just fix the issue and you may soon have new hair growth.
If it is genetic, consider the hair loss treatments we’ve talked about. Give it a test shave, and if you rock that look, you’re in the clear. Some guys look just awesome when they do the chrome dome. With a little luck, you may be one of them.
As well, you can consider hair transplants. They’re getting so good these days that you can expect to see a major improvement. Watch this technology too – it’s a good bet we’ll see a major breakthrough within the next ten years.
We generally shy away from recommending hair loss medications here at Natural Health Source because of the side effects. You may want to consider Rogaine, with a nod from your doctor, or try Profollica, which improved hair loss in 90% of guys who tried it in a clinical trial.
Finally, while it’s hard, it’s just as important to keep things in perspective with hair loss at 20. Yes, it’s creepy when you first see it, but you’re not alone. Many guys lose hair in their twenties, and a whopping one in every two will have it by 50. So you’ve got hair loss at 20. That’s a good thing. You’ve got a 30 year head start to learn how to rock that look over the guy who loses hair later in life.

7 Guys Who Make Baldness Cool

Hair loss can be traumatic. But it doesn’t have to be – studies show you can be good-looking without a full head of hair. Here’s proof: consider these 7 guys who make it pretty freakin’ awesome to be the bald guy. Who knows? You may do it even better…
Vin Diesel – Vin Diesel is the bald guy that makes women swoon and men quiver when they’re on the receiving end of his attitude. Hit the gym hard for this look, and stay waxed – or try Stop Grow for Men.
Dwayne Johnson – He started as The Rock. Now he’s Dwayne Johnson, with less hair and bigger bank account. Johnson is one of the biggest stars in the business, bringing in a staggering $1.3 Billion at the box office in 2013. Who needs hair? Shave it off and get to work!
Jason_Statham_Hair_LossJason Statham – We can’t talk about cool bald guys without this dude. Jason Statham blazed his own trail, with attitude, fighting skills and a famous dome with just enough growth to make this look an option for guys with a little hair left. Keep it short, and try a blazer – or a t-shirt if you’ve got big pipes.
Patrick Stewart – It’s tempting to think you’ve got to be a thug to pull off the bald look, but it’s not true. Here’s proof: Patrick Stewart, of Star Trek and X Men fame, who uses brain over brawn. Add baldness to the equation and you’re on a winner. Women love Patrick Stewart!
Neil Strauss – What happens when a skinny, 5’6” guys shaves his head and decides he wants to learn how women tick no matter what the cost? He becomes the most successful pick up artist on the planet – even when matched against a 6’5” expert with the same skills and a free-flowing mane.
Kelly Slater – One of the most decorated surfers of our time, Kelly Slater leads a pretty charmed life riding the ocean and with a great living from what he loves. He’s also the posterbody of a dude who embraces baldness, and looks pretty darned good in the process.
Pitbull – Another vertically challenged guy who shaved his head and made millions. Frankly, it’s hard to even imagine Pitbull with hair – or the women this charismatic dude typically pulls in.

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