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The Doctor Recommended Hair Regrowth System For Men

  • Fights Hair Loss From The INSIDE OUT
  • With Trichogen®*, Clinically Proven
  • *Reduced Hair Loss In 90% Of Men
  • Stop "DHT" From Damaging Hair Follicles
  • Now Doctor Recommended!

Profollica® Overview

Stop Hair Loss Naturally With This #1 Rated Hair Treatment System For Men!

A breakthrough in the science of men’s hair loss has now conclusively proven:

The majority of guys who experience hair loss and balding have a genetic sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is an extremely potent male sex hormone!

In guys with a family history of male pattern baldness, DHT causes something called "follicle miniaturization."

This is where DHT actually causes your hair follicles to shrink until your hair dies! Your hair gets brittle... begins to thin... and turns into what we call "peach fuzz"... until it completely falls out!

Left untreated, this form of male pattern baldness can be permanent. You can never regrow the hair.

However, caught early enough with Profollica®, you may actually be able to SLOW, STOP, and possibly even REVERSE your hair loss by preventing the formation of DHT!

How It Works To Help Prevent Hair Follicles From Shrinking

Profollica® works by interrupting alpha-5-reductase enzymes from attaching themselves to your free testosterone. And this is what prevents DHT from forming and attacking your hair follicles.

Plus it fortifies your body with a series of all-natural nutrients and herbals known to help prevent hair loss.

So with daily use of Profollica® for two full months, you may experience a visible INCREASE in your hair regrowth, with noticeably LESS hair loss as it:

  • Helps prevent the formation of harmful DHT!
  • Stops the shrinking of your hair follicles
  • Promotes the growth of healthy, thicker NEW thicker!
  • Hair is healthier due to improved blood & nutrient circulation in the follicles
  • Your scalp oil is regulated (reduces "greasy" look)
  • Dormant hair follicles start growing hair again
  • Hair elasticity and texture improves
  • Hair is STRONGER, with less breakage
  • Helps prevent premature greying
  • Itchy scalp and dandruff conditions vanish

... Plus much more!

More Than Just Another Hair Loss Shampoo:
Profollica® is 2-Step Anti-Hair Loss SYSTEM that works from the INSIDE OUT

Until recently, guys had limited options for treating their DHT-triggered hair loss. Prescription drugs like Propecia® and Minoxidil® were shown to be effective but with a high, almost 1 in 20 risk of long-term sexual side effects!

Fortunately, now there's doctor-recommended Profollica®...

... The 2-Step Hair Treatment System For Men that fights DHT from both the inside and outside, without the unwanted side effects that are commonly associated with prescription drugs.

Let's take a look at how it works:

Profollica's daily supplement has been carefully formulated to feed your body a series of herbals, nutrients, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes that directly target your production of DHT...

... Seeking to interrupt and STOP the formation of follicle-killing DHT!

Plus, it's also formulated to help reduce the effects of lifestyle conditions that further increase your hair loss like unhealthy diet, ongoing stress, depression, sickness, and more.

For maximum benefits plan to continue supplementation for a minimum of 60 days! (And remember that ongoing use is necessary to keep your DHT production under control.)

Step #1 – The Daily Supplement

Profollica's daily supplement has been carefully formulated to feed your body a series of herbals, nutrients, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes that directly target your production of DHT...

... Seeking to interrupt and STOP the formation of follicle-killing DHT!

Plus, it's also formulated to help reduce the effects of lifestyle conditions that further increase your hair loss like unhealthy diet, ongoing stress, depression, sickness, and more.

For maximum benefits plan to continue supplementation for a minimum of 60 days! (And remember that ongoing use is necessary to keep your DHT production under control.)

Step #2 – Activator Gel With Trichogen®

Trichogen® has been clinically proven to increase hair growth in up to 90% of men – helping grow thicker, healthier hair while actively blocking the formation of follicle-shrinking DHT!

It’s easy to use the Profollica® Activator Gel – you just massage it into damp hair and scalp after shampooing.

And in clinical trials, after 112 days of using Trichogen, men experienced:

  • 90% of men said their hair loss had DECREASED!
  • 87.5% rated their hair growth as "good" or "quite good"
  • 62.5% rated their hair volume as "good" or "quite good"
  • 45% said they saw less hair on their pillows
  • 41% noticed less hair falling out during shampooing
  • 24% noticed less hair falling out during styling

Here’s a BEFORE and AFTER photo from the Trichogen clinical trial:

Try It RISK FREE For 67-Days!

Feeling a little skeptical? Wondering if Profollica® could really solve YOUR hair loss issues?

It's no problem! Because today, you're invited to try Profollica for 60 days, RISK FREE!

This is more than enough time to experience the hair regrowth benefits for yourself. And if you're not satisfied with the results, you can simply return the empty bottles within 67 days of purchase for a full refund of monies paid minus only your shipping fees.

What could be more fair?

Wondering why our guarantee is so generous? Because we know that men who experience the hair growth benefits of Profollica® typically become loyal lifetime customers. So we'd rather you tried it and returned it, than never tried it at all!

To get started with Profollica®, click on one of the savings packages below:

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Profollica® deals with your hair loss, from the INSIDE OUT, formulated to reduce your DHT levels, awaken dormant hair follicles back to the anagen "growth" phase, and leave you with thicker, healthier, shinier hair...

... Hair that simply looks and feels GREAT!

Daily Supplement

Niacin - 40 mg

Supports healthy dilation of blood vessels and brings blood to the surface of the skin, increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Necessary for proper circulation, healthy skin, and proper functioning of the nervous system. Niacin can also strengthen hair, so it breaks less easily. Profollica® has been formulated to contain enough Niacin to increase blood circulation in the scalp without producing the embarrassing "niacin flush" across your entire body and face.

Vitamin B-12 – 6 mg

Men suffering from hair loss often have a B12 deficiency. This water soluble vitamin plays a key role in the optimal functioning of the brain and nervous system, as well as the formation of blood. It's extremely important for healthy hair as it plays a key role in the proper formation of red blood cells that transfer oxygen to various parts of the body – including your hair.

Panthothenic Acid – 92mg

Also known as Vitamin B-5, panthothenic acid has been known to reverse premature greying and restore hair's luster. It's also thought to help regulate scalp oiliness and sebum production. Deficiencies in panthothenic acid can cause malfunctioning of the adrenal glands, which can in turn causing greying.

Iodine – 100mcg

Healthy function of the thyroid is necessary to control the metabolism of cells – and a slowing of cell metabolism can actually lead to hair loss. Surprisingly, iodine plays a key role in the healthy function of your thyroid – and it's well proven that an iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism or an under-active thyroid.

Manganese Gluconate – 10mg

Manganese has a synergistic effect with most B-complex vitamins considered essential for hair growth. It's also required for the proper utilization of Thiamine & Vitamin E. A manganese deficiency is often present in men and women suffering from hair loss.

Folic Acid – 400mcg

Plays an essential role in the cell division responsible for hair growth, helping the body synthesize DNA and RNA. Scientists have linked folic acid deficiencies to the thinning of hair. Folic acid supplementation can make your hair grow faster as well as strengthen your nails, improve skin health, and more.

Biotin – 600mcg

Biotin plays a key role in the hair manufacturing process as it's required for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, as well as the metabolism of fats and amino acids. It's often recommended for strengthening hair as it protects against dryness while increasing the elasticity of the hair's cortex, preventing breakage. Hair loss can be a sign of a Biotin deficiency.

Chlorophyll – 30mg

Reputed to stimulate new hair growth, chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the body and assists in cellular growth and repair; it's a rich source of enzymes.

Zinc Oxide – 20mg

Research has proven that zinc deficiencies can produce baldness and scalp problems in people. Zinc supplementation has been shown to reverse hair loss as well as greying in some patients. The correct amount of zinc can strengthen hair shafts, promote cellular reproduction, maintain oil-secreting glands, and assist in the repair of damaged tissue.

PABA – 30mg

Also referred to as Para-Aminobenzoic Acid or Vitamin Bx, PABA is often referred to as the "hair color" or "anti-grey" vitamin. In clinical studies, humans with grey hair who supplemented with PABA saw a 70% return of their original hair color, as well as improved strength and quality of hair.

L-Cysteine – 40mg

Found to increase hair growth, this sulphur-containing amino acid is believed to improve the quality, texture, and growth of hair; it bonds with other proteins to form hair shafts. Once in the bloodstream L-Cysteine is absorbed by the scalp and passed through the hair shaft.

L-Isoleucine – 4mg

This essential amino acid must be supplemented if not available in adequate quantities via diet. It's critical for hemoglobin synthesis, the regulation of blood sugar and energy levels.

L-Histidine – 4mg

Required by the body to regulate and utilize essential trace minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, and more. It's also necessary for the maintenance of the myelin sheath of nerves.

L-Arginine – 4mg

Acts as precursor to the formation of nitric oxide, which increases blood circulation in the scalp, feeding nutrients to your hair, and promoting healthy growth. L-Arginine is an amino acid and one of the building blocks of protein.

L-Leucine – 4mg

Found to slow the degradation of muscle tissue, promotes the healing of skin and broken bones, and decreases blood sugar levels. Works synergistically with L-Valine and L-Isoleucine.

L-Lysine – 4mg

Recently discovered to reduce DHT by inhibiting production of the 5-Alpha-Reductase and therefore reducing the production of DHT. It's an essential amino acid that must be supplemented when not available in sufficient quantities via diet. It plays a major role in calcium absorption, building muscle, and hormone production.

L-Methionine – 4mg

An essential amino acid required in the diet, it acts as an anti-oxidant and is an important nutrient for the proper functioning of muscle and cardiovascular system. It benefits skin tone and elasticity as well as hair and nails.

L-Phenylalanine – 4mg

An amino acid required for nerve and brain function. A precursor for the production of L-Tyrosine, which aids in the production of melanin – a skin and hair pigment.

L-Threonine – 4mg

This essential amino acid is a critical component of collagen, elastin, and enamel protein. It's found in high concentrations in the heart, skeletal muscles, and central nervous system.

L-Tryptophan – 4mg

: Studies have shown that L-Tryptophan may play a role in the initiation and suppression of hair growth; it's often used to treat stress and depression, which can trigger health-related issues causing hair loss.

L-Valine – 4mg

An essential amino acid that's needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the proper balance of nitrogen in the body. Used in balanced proportion with L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine it's thought to help treat severe amino acid deficiencies.

L-Aspartic Acid – 4mg

Promotes normal cell functioning and strengthens the immune system, producing immunoglobulins and antibodies. It's part of the formation of RNA and DNA.

L-Serine – 4mg

Plays an important catalytic role in the function of many enzymes and is the precursor to several amino acids including glycine and cysteine.

L-Glutamic Acid – 4mg

Used to treats symptoms of depression, which can result in hair loss; it's a precursor of GABA and one of few nutrients that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Considered nature's "brain food" it may improve mental capacities.

L-Proline – 4mg

An essential amino acid that acts with vitamin C as a precursor to collagen, a building block of tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins, muscles, cartilage, joints, vertebrae and more. It assists in wound healing and helps to reduce signs of aging.

L-Glycine – 4mg

This amino acid slows muscle degeneration, repairs tissue, and promotes healing. It releases oxygen to cells, supports detoxification, and high concentrations are found in skin and connective tissues. It's also used to address symptoms of depression.

L-Alanine – 4mg

Is an amino acid manufactured by the liver, contained in muscle tissue and converted into glucose when the liver or muscles need energy. It also assists the immune system by manufacturing anti-bodies and metabolizing sugars and organic acids. It has a calming effect on the brain. It helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

L-Tyrosine – 4mg

Plays a role in the maintenance of hair color; it's the precursor to the pigment melanin. An amino acid used by cells to synthesize proteins.

Activator Gel

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Improves circulation in scalp while stimulating RNA and DNA activity in cells.


An amino acid considered essential for healthy hair growth. It boosts nitric oxide levels in the scalp, increasing blood flow and nutrients available to roots.

Acetyl Tyrosine

The building block in hair that color adheres to; for color maintenance.

Arctium Majus Root Extract

Improves blood circulation, decelerates hair loss, strengthens hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth. Also helps to regulate sebaceous glands.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

Offers important nutrition for the reconstruction and strengthening of hair; excellent for helping to reverse hair loss.


Helps prevent hair static and fuzziness.

PEG-12 Dimethicone

Leaves hair feeling silky soft and smooth.

Calcium Pantothenate

May help to prevent loss of hair color.

Zinc Gluconate

Helps to reduce overproduction of sebum oil, which may be clogging hair follicles and preventing hair growth.


A hair growth stimulant that blocks DHT when combined with Biotin and Zinc Gluconate, both included in Profollica.

Ornithine HCl

Amino acid used as a building block for the proteins responsible for the growth and repair of muscles and tissue. Increases scalp tissue suppleness and flexibility.


Appears in the proteins of the inner root sheaths of hair follicles during growth phase.

Glucosamine HCl

Helps strengthen hair and prevent brittleness.


Acts as a hair growth stimulant, blocking DHT when combined with Zinc Gluconate and Niacinamide (both included in Profollica).

Propylene Glycol

Humectant that helps skin retain moisturizers included in formulation.

Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract

A powerful anti-oxidant that works to help to block DHT by inhibiting production of the enzyme 5-Alpha-Reductase.

Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

Increases blood circulation throughout the scalp, increasing the nutrients available to hair roots and follicles.

Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Extract

Helps to prevent DHT from destroying hair follicles.

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract

Helps to prevent DHT from destroying hair follicles. Also reputed to have strong cleansing and anti-bacterial properties, reducing the clogging of hair follicles. Soothes rough, dry, itchy scalp.

Germall Plus

Preservative that ensures product stability.

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Doctor Recommended

Dr. Karen Vieira

Dr. Karen F. Vieira, PhD, MSM

"Men experiencing a receding hair line or male pattern baldness now have an excellent solution for regrowing their own natural hair: the two step Profollica system. Designed to work on every aspect of hair health, Profollica lowers DHT levels and provides helpful herbals, nutrients and ingredients both via a gel and tablets.

Traditional options for hair loss include drugs and surgery, but both have significant drawbacks. Propecia can cause long term sexual dysfunction even after discontinuing, and a common Rogaine side effect is further hair loss with no guarantee of new regrowth to replace it. Hair loss surgery is invasive, expensive and often needs to be repeated after further hair loss has occurred.

The Profollica system has none of these drawbacks, as it uses all-natural ingredients that were carefully selected for safety and efficacy. Nutrients in the gel include zinc and vitamin B3, each with research indicating a positive effect on hair growth. Additionally, animal and laboratory studies have indicated significant hair growth potential for ornithine, citrulline and glucosamine.

Ingredients in the tablet include several nutrients studied for hair health. Vitamin B3 widens blood vessels, helping bring nutrients to the surface of the skin and scalp. Vitamin B12 and PABA can guard against premature gray hairs. Iodine provides raw materials for thyroid hormones, which play a significant role in hair growth. Biotin is included, as biotin deficiency has long been known to contribute to significant hair loss. Several amino acids, including cysteine, lysine and trytophan, have also been shown to contribute to hair health.

Proper hair growth plays an important role for men, allowing them to appear youthful and healthy. The Profollica two-step system allows for significant hair regrowth using only safe, natural methods. I recommend Profollica for any man interested in naturally regrowing a healthy head of hair."

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What exactly is Profollica?

Profollica® is a revolutionary 2-part anti-hair loss SYSTEM for men that has been doctor-endorsed for its approach to slowing and stopping the effects of male pattern baldness... while encouraging the growth of healthy NEW hair! Changes in appearance of hair typically become *most* visible after you've been using Profollica® for a minimum of 60 days, so we offer Profollica® with a RISK FREE 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee... to incentivize men to continue treatment for 60 days!

How does Profollica® stop hair loss?

The vast majority of male hair loss is genetically based. Androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness (MPB), is triggered by a sensitivity to a particularly potent form of testosterone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). In the scalps of men genetically prone to baldness, DHT initiates a process called follicle miniaturization, which causes your hair follicles to shrink and die, so hair can no longer grow there.

Profollica® is a 2-Step Anti-Hair Loss SYSTEM – supplement, shampoo, and activator gel – that works from both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE to help reverse your hair loss by:

  • Reducing your DHT levels,
  • Awakening dormant hair follicles back to the anagen "growth" phase,
  • And giving you visibly thicker, healthier hair.

The vast majority of non-prescription "natural" hair loss systems fail because they don't address the internal issues causing your overproduction of DHT. But that's what makes Profollica® a stand-out leader, now doctor endorsed for the dealing with hair loss and male pattern baldness: It aggressively addresses your high levels of DHT – in a safe, natural way!

Can Profollica® help me regrow hair I've ALREADY lost?

The earlier you begin dealing with your hair loss, the more likely you are to:

  1. Dramatically slow your overall hair loss (or stop it)
  2. Regrow hair in thinning areas for an overall thicker appearance
  3. Halt the follicle miniaturization process

We receive testimonials from men at ALL stages of hair loss – men who've used Profollica® and seen dramatic slowing of hair loss as well as impressive regrowth.

However, remember that it's extremely difficult to regrow hair in areas where there's not even peach fuzz and the scalp has become shiny.These are the areas where the follicle miniaturization is usually complete.

Your best course of action is to start using Profollica® EARLY and keep using the system. You can't "cure" hair loss. If you stop using the Profollica, you risk losing any gains you've made as your DHT levels increase once more.

How long does it take to see results?

To experience the full, long-term hair regrowth benefits of Profollica, you should plan to continue using the SYSTEM for a minimum of 60 days.

Just like you'll only experience the benefits of a daily multi-vitamin for as long as you continue supplementation, you'll only experience the hair growth benefits of Profollica® for as long as you continue using it.

And think about it...It only makes sense that it will take 60 days before you see results because:

  1. It takes at least 30 days of use for your DHT levels to "normalize", and
  2. It takes another 30 days for you to actually see the hair regrowth (remember, hair grows slowly at a rate of 1/2 inch per month in a healthy male)!

So we recommend using Profollica® for at least 60 days before making a decision about whether or not it's working for you!

And don't forget: Our moneyback guarantee allows you to try it RISK FREE for 60 days! So your investment is protected the entire time you're testing it. How many prescription medications offer you this same guarantee? None that we're aware of!

What causes male hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by a wide variety of factors that include poor diet, stress, illness, medications, infections, and more. However, the vast majority of hair loss is genetically based.

Androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness (MPB), is triggered by a sensitivity to a particularly potent form of testosterone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Over 15 years of scientific studies and research have conclusively proven: In the scalps of men genetically prone to baldness, DHT initiates a process called follicle miniaturization. This occurs when hair follicles exposed to DHT get progressively SMALLER until the hair resembles fragile "peach fuzz"... and then finally stops growing entirely as the follicle dies.

Men who suffer from male pattern baldness typically have:

  • Higher levels of 5-alpha-reductase
  • Lower levels of total testosterone
  • Higher levels of unbound/free testosterone
  • And high levels of total free androgens including DHT.

The 5-alpha-reductase is responsible for converting your unbound free testosterone into the potent DHT that causes hair loss. So if you want to slow, stop, and reverse your hairloss, you need to start by addressing your high levels of DHT.

How much hair loss is normal?

It's normal to lose roughly 50-100 hairs per day. However, if you've started to notice a receding hair line or thinning crown, it's important that you begin dealing with your hair loss immediately.

The sooner you address your hair loss, the longer you're likely to keep existing hair and regrow "lost" hair in thinning areas. If you wait until the follicle miniaturization process is complete (i.e. your scalp is shiny, and the peach fuzz is gone), it's extremely difficult and in most cases impossible to reverse.

What is DHT?

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen that's formed when the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme binds with free testosterone. DHT is what attacks your hair follicles – actually shrinking them until hair can no longer grow there. Some men are genetically predisposed to be more sensitive to DHT – and produce more DHT overall – than others, which is why some men lose their hair while others don't.

It's important to begin dealing with your hair loss early, before the follicle miniaturization process is finished and the hair follicle is completely dead. At this time, the only truly effective, medically proven way to slow/stop hair loss and begin some regrowth is by lowering your DHT levels.

Why does hair STOP growing?

The hair growth cycle can be interrupted and stopped entirely by high levels of DHT, which cause your hair follicles to become shorter and shorter until the hair is gone forever.

It works like this:

  1. High levels of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme appear in some hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
  2. 5-alpha-reductase helps convert "free testosterone" into DHT.
  3. DHT causes the miniaturization of hair follicles.
  4. Hair becomes shorter and fuzzier, providing inadequate scalp coverage.
  5. The growth phase becomes shorter.
  6. The hair is finally lost for good as the hair follicle is no longer active.

To stop hair follicles from shrinking, you must lower your levels of DHT.

Profollica® is a 2-part anti-hair loss SYSTEM designed to help reduce your DHT levels from both the inside and outside, with a nutritional supplement, daily shampoo, and activator gel.

Do I wash out the Activator Gel like a conditioner?

After using the Revive Shampoo, towel dry your hair and then gently massage the Activator Gel throughout your hair and into your scalp. Do not wash out.

Will Profollica® cure my hair loss?

There is no "cure" for hair loss, so don't be fooled by anyone promising you this. However, you CAN slow your hair loss and encourage regrowth of hair that's been lost early due to a high DHT sensitivity.

The key is addressing your hair loss early with a product that directly targets your high levels of DHT. The earlier you do something about your hair loss, the more hair you're likely to regrow, and the longer you're likely to keep your remaining hair.

Aren't prescription drugs like Finasteride and Minoxidil a better treatment choice?

We can't make a medical recommendation. You should always speak with your doctor to get a comprehensive medical opinion specific to your unique health needs and concerns.

There is no substitute for your doctor's professional opinion!

That said, you should be aware that clinical studies are reporting some alarming long-term sexual side effects in as many as 18% of men who use these prescription drugs. So it's worth doing some research and discussing your findings with your doctor.

According to, side effects of finasteride include:

  • Impotence (1.1% to 18.5%)
  • Abnormal ejaculation (7.2%)
  • Decreased ejaculatory volume (0.9% to 2.8%)
  • Abnormal sexual function (2.5%)
  • Gynecomastia (2.2%)
  • Erectile dysfunction (1.3%)
  • Ejaculation disorder (1.2%)

Worse, in December of 2008, the Swedish Medical Products Agency concluded a safety investigation of Propecia and subsequently advised that the use of Propecia may result in irreversible sexual dysfunction. The Agency's updated safety information lists difficulty in obtaining an erection that persists indefinitely, even after the discontinuation of Propecia, as a possible side effect of the drug!

If you haven't tried a hair loss solution before, and your doctor approves, why not try Profollica's natural, doctor-endorsed treatment system first? It has NO KNOWN side effects, and offers a potentially safer alternative to prescription drugs. Plus - it's backed by our RISK FREE 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee!

How can I be sure Profollica® is safe for me?

If you're taking any medications, have existing medical conditions, or have concerns of ANY kind, it's always wise to speak with your doctor before beginning any new health-related program. That said, you should know that we take your safety very seriously: Profollica® is made with the finest quality ingredients, using the highest safety standards!

  • We're cGMP compliant!
  • All of our raw materials are tested for purity prior to production.
  • We'll happily show you our Certificate of Analysis for any of our ingredients to prove their freshness, safety, and potency, just ask!
  • And every bottle of Profollica® is carefully marked with a lot number and expiry date!

Your safety and results are our #1 priority. Ethically, we simply can't imagine running our business any other way!

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no negative side effects that we're currently aware of, but please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

I'm a woman suffering with hair loss - will Profollica® work for me?

Profollica® has been formulated to deal specifically with androgenic alopecia – male pattern baldness.

We don't actively recommend it for women's hair loss and it should not be used by women who are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Is this going to be expensive?

Profollica® is very affordable, especially when compared to other anti-hair loss solutions:

  1. Prescription treatments for hair loss typically cost $80-$100 per month (and that's before you've purchased shampoos, conditioning agents, etc.)...
  2. And surgeries cost $1000s, with added costs of time away from work, lost wages, pain killers, etc...

... Yet the complete Profollica® SYSTEM can be purchased in 2 to 5 month discounted savings packages that bring your monthly investment down to something extremely affordable: About the same as what you'd expect to pay for a quality shampoo & conditioner from your average hair salon!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. To encourage new clients to try Profollica® for at least 60 days to begin seeing the FULL benefits, as DHT levels are reduced and new hair growth becomes visible, we offer savings on 2 to 5 month supplies.

Do you guarantee your product?

Absolutely! We know from experience... Men who try Profollica® for a minimum of 60 days are the ones who see the most dramatic results and go on to become loyal clients and fans. So we offer a 60-Day RISK FREE Moneyback Guarantee (minus S&H) to incentivize you to stick with the program for a minimum of 60 days.

Try it for 60 days. If you can't SEE the results... if you're not thrilled with the overall change in your appearance as your hair begins to regrow... then simply return the empty bottles for a COMPLETE refund, minus shipping & handling charges.

That's right... We encourage you to use ALL of the product we send you. If you don't love it,we'll give your money back - no questions asked.

What name will show up on my Credit Card statement?

Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "" or "".

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Please try our product for 60 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return the unused portion in the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling. If you want to take advantage of our Special Savings by ordering multiple systems, not to worry. You can still try the product absolutely risk-free for 60 days. Simply return the product within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you the entire purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, for each returned item. No questions will be asked. How can we make this incredible guarantee? Because we KNOW you will be satisfied with ProFollica®. Please do not ship any product back after the 60-day refund period has expired, as we will not be able to provide a refund or ship the product back to you after the 60-day refund period has expired. Returns must be received back at warehouse within 67 days of delivery with no exceptions. Please feel free to try our products, but refunds are limited to one order per customer.


Using state-of-the-art encryption security technology, your online order is secure. When you place your order, you will be taken to our secure server prior to being asked for your credit card number. We use an address verification system to compare your billing address to your credit card on file with your bank. Please note that unless these match, we cannot process your order.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never trade, lease or sell your name or e-mail address information. We follow a strict anti-spam policy and do not spam our customers, ever. We will contact you ONLY if your order information is incomplete. Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "" or "" . Your order is shipped discreetly in a plain package with a shipping label from "Leading Edge Marketing".

Order Packaging

Orders are discreetly shipped in plain packaging. There is nothing written on the package that identifies the contents.

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