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How to Increase Sex Drive in Women

A woman’s heart might be an ocean of secrets, but her sex drive is a different story. A 2011 study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative reveals the fairer sex is more likely to report less sexual frequency as it ages. Yet contrary to what researchers previously believed, they’re not cool with it.
That’s a conundrum, because biology is an unforgiving creature. We’re not sports cars; our bodies slow down as we get older. The female sex drive faces additional hurdles upon the biological milestone that is menopause. A challenge? Yes – but life is full of those.
So how do you increase the female libido, especially at 50 and beyond? Natural supplements like Provestra are a good start. Diet, lifestyle factors and an open communication with your doctor go a long way too. We’ll discuss those in detail later in this article.
But first, let’s clarify that desire for sex and the sex drive are two different things. The former is just that, desire to want sex again. That latter is a complex dance of many factors. That’s the female sex drive for you, in all her mystery

Women’s Health Initiative: Senior Women Want MORE Sex

The Women’s Health Initiative study caught many observers by surprise. Researchers knew that sexual frequency decreases with age. But they mistakenly thought that women were content with it.
In the study, researchers analyzed data taken from 27,357 women between 50 and 79 over seven years. Their primary objective was to measure the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in post-menopausal women.
The study revealed that many of the women were sexually active after menopause. Most of these women were happy with their sexual relationships, especially if they were married or had a regular partner.

How do you increase the female libido, especially at 50 and beyond? Natural supplements like Provestra are a good start.

The meat of the study, however, came from the women who were dissatisfied with their sex lives, of whom 57% said they wanted more sex, not less.
A number of factors reduced the chance that a study participant would not be sexually active. Among them, increasinge age, lower income, lack of a partner and health issues including heart attack, depression and arthritis.
Curiously, the women who took HRT as part of the study were not significantly more likely to report being sexually active than women taking placebo pills.
The study also reveals that some women are having sex regardless of physical challenges, including dryness and vaginal atrophy – loss of tissue. They’re having painful sex, in many cases, which brings up another issue: sexual function in women appears to be a case of ‘use it or lose it’.

The Post-Menopause Sex Drive

Women may want sex regardless of age, but the body doesn’t always cooperate. It takes two to tango, and women fulfill their role nicely with a natural increase in sex drive during ovulation. Consider that nature’s insurance policy that the human race will march forward – it’s no coincidence that conception is only possible during this short period each month.
Take that away and things can get challenging. You’ve been ovulating since puberty, after all, so it’s highly probable this will affect your sex drive. In fact, this alone is a common reason why women experience Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, or HSDD. Yes, there’s a medical term for low sex drive in women.
The decrease in estrogen that occurs around menopause doesn’t help either. Estrogen elevates mood and maintains sexual interest within the brain. As well, it helps the genitalia, heightening sensation and making sex more pleasurable. It’s no surprise then that this decrease in estrogen can lead to dryness and atrophy of vaginal tissue.

So How Can You Increase Your Sex Drive?

With Provestra, changes to diet and lifestyle and an ongoing dialogue with your physician. For the latter, you might want to review the following options:
A blood test for low thyroid function and iron deficiency anemia: They’re both common and can reduce sex drive.
Is depression an issue?: Depression can lower interest in sex. If you’re already taking an SSRI antidepressant, consider switching to another medication that won’t affect your libido.
Non-oral estrogen therapy: Some experts contend that locally applied estrogen can soothe vaginal tissue, allowing for the secretions required for more comfortable sex and perhaps increase desire. This might be a safer option than oral estrogen and other forms of HRT, though you really need to review this with your physician.
Vitamin E: A non-prescription option, you can also moisturize and possibly increase sensation with a vitamin E capsule. They’re easy to use too – just stick a pin in the capsule and apply to the vagina several times a week. You may want to use a lubricant while having sex as well, preferably a natural product with vitamin E in the formula.

Habits That Boost Sex Drive

Drink moderately – One drink might relax the libido, but consider that alcohol is an antidepressant. Cap it at one drink per day or you may do your sex drive more harm than good.
Eat oysters and asparagus – You’ve heard the stories about oysters and asparagus. Well, they’re true – oysters are high in antioxidants and fertility-boosting zinc, while asparagus contains a good dose of orgasm-friendly potassium, vitamins B6, A and C, thiamine and folic acid. Both foods are a good option barring specific allergies, of course.
Stop smoking – Smoking is no friend to your sex drive for many reasons, not the least of which being that it narrows the blood vessels, constricting circulation to your privates. It doesn’t do much for your stamina, either. And, um, would you like to kiss an ashtray?
Stay in shape – Fit bodies perform better in the bedroom, with better blood flow to the genitalia and healthy weight management. When you look good, you feel good. A smiling libido is sure to follow.
Aim for a body mass index (BMI) between 20-23 – An ambitious goal, but you’ll look and feel great for it. Do this with a combination of exercise, healthy diet  and smaller, more frequent meals.
Eat fruits and vegetables – This and the latter two points are connected. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that increase blood flow to your genitalia, ward off some chronic diseases and assist with healthy weight management. Combined, they’re marvelous for your sex life.
Get a massage (or several!) – Stress management can be sexy when done with a massage. Dim the lights, play some soothing music and have your partner massage your back – it’s not hard to see where this can lead.
Try Ginkgo Biloba – One of the most popular herbals for the sex drive, the Chinese have used ginkgo biloba for centures because they thought – accurately – that it increased blood flow to the genitalia and allowed for better sexual function. You can buy ginkgo biloba as a stand-alone supplement or in a women’s natural libido product like Provestra.

Natural Lubricants For Women

Women may be having sex regardless of pain, but that really isn’t necessary. You don’t have to resort to the often petrochemical-laden lubricants at your local pharamacy either. That’s a good thing, because drugstore lubes can be sticky and trigger infections.
A natural lubricant for women is a water-based gel made of herbals and soothing textures like aloe vera and shea butter. They offer instant lubrication, and start that erotic cycle that leads for more sexual fulfillment. More lubrication means more pleasure. And that puts that beautiful climax back within reach.
Another bonus of a natural enhancement gel is that you typically buy them online and don’t have to worry about prying eyes looking at your purchase in the check-out aisle.
Bear in mind that a natural lubricant is not designed for long-term sexual function or performance. They’re designed for instant gratification – when you want it – and are best-suited for those moments when play-time beckons but you’re not in the mood.
Still, they’re excellent products, and command a loyal following from women who prefer products like Vigorelle and HerSolution Gel over drugstore lubricants. Both of these products come with a 60 day money-back guarantee as well, which you’ll rarely find among other personal lubes.

Natural Libido Pills For Women

Natural lubricants offer short-term pleasure. Libido pills improve long-term sexual health. These are typically natural products, like Provestra and HerSolution, made of herbals and botanicals formulated to gently rebalance the shifting hormones that often decrease the sex drive with time.
A Viagra for women? Not quite, because they’re not pharmaceutical, but most women find they dramatically increase the sex drive, and once the ingredients in the formula take effect, make it much easier to desire sex and climax. Multiple orgasms are not unheard of.
Some women find they reduce hot flashes, too.
In short, natural libido supplements help long-term performance, allowing women to have more comfortable sex, more often, and help rekindle a lost spark that often diminishes among couples. Consider it an investment in relationships, and happiness. Life is a celebration, after all, and sex is part of it.

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