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How to Put Weekly Sex In Your Life

Having weekly sex appears to help couples maintain intimacy.

It’s not always easy, but you should try to put weekly sex in your relationship.

Granted, there’s probably little harm in doing it more often if you’re feeling randy, but weekly sex appears to be the sweet spot. That’s the conclusion of a Canadian study published in November 2015 which found that weekly sex helped couples keep an intimate connection.

That’s easier said than done for some couples, given stress, schedules, biological challenges and the general process of getting older, but it’s something you can certainly do with commitment and a little strategy. Let’s talk about weekly sex – both why it’s important and how to make it a regular (and erotic!) part of your life.

Why Weekly Sex is Important

Having sex once a week appears to have the most benefit to a relationship. That’s the finding of the study, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, which is based on 3 previous studies with more than 30,000 participants.
The primary focus of this most recent study was to evaluate how sexual frequency affected well-being.
As you’d expect, the researchers found that sex is good and that more sex is better. The latter point had a catch, however – sex once a week appeared to have the greatest effect on intimacy between partners. Beyond that, and the positive effects of weekly sex started trailing off.
For their methodology, the researchers analyzed the results of three studies – the first of which being a survey conducted every two years between 1989 and 2012.

Sex once a week appeared to have the greatest effect on intimacy between partners. Beyond that, and the positive effects of weekly sex started trailing off.

These focused on responses from over 25,000 adults between 18 and 89. Among other things, the volunteers answered questions about sexual frequency (from none to 4+ times a week) and their perceptions of happiness.
In the second study, researchers surveyed 335 people online. Most of these subjects were heterosexual.
For the third study, the researchers analyzed the findings of yet another survey – this one a 14 year questionnaire of married heterosexual American couples.

Several patterns emerged from this compiled research. Sexually active couples were happier than folks who didn’t do it, but only to a point. The boosts to well-being from regular sexual activity levelled off at once a week. There was no harm in having sex more often than that – it just didn’t translate to greater well-being as a whole.

The researchers found no differences in the findings based on gender, age or length of relationship.

It’s worth considering the research does not prove that sexual frequency affects happiness. The study was not designed for that. Nor was any link found between weekly sex and well-being for single people.

Your bedroom should be used only for sleep and sex.

More conclusively though, the researchers found the average couple had sex once a week. This suggests it’s the average because it’s the ‘natural sweet spot’ that couples are doing subconsciously to maintain their connection. It also lends weight to obvious assumption that couples are happier when the sex is good.

Men are more likely to get happiness from the physical aspects of sex, say observers of the study in the medical community, while women are more likely to enjoy the emotional pleasure of intimacy.

Still, you’ve got to wonder why the benefits of regular sex seem to trail off after once every seven days. The answer may lie in the brain’s pleasure center. Eat an ice cream, for example, and you’ll love the first one. Have another, and your enjoyment starts to wear off.

Light That Spark

OK, so we’ve established that weekly sex is important for your well-being and that of your partner. Weekly sex – once every seven days – seems to be the magic place to maintain intimacy and make passion the trill it’s meant to be.
That can be difficult with years on a relationship. So how do you keep that spark lit and keep things intimate months, years and decades with the same partner? Try this:
Make Your Relationship Your Top Priority – In the end, it’s your relationships that matter. So make them your top priority – set aside at least three times a week together when you can cuddle, go on a date, share a hobby or intimate meal together. Do anything you can do that puts you alone together.
Have a ‘Couple Ritual’ – A ‘Couples Ritual’ is a habit with your partner unique to the two of you. It could be simple or something on a bigger scale. That could be brushing your teeth together, kissing before going to work/coming home, an inside joke or a language you speak together. The point is to do something you can share with your partner.
Think About Sex – Get in the habit of thinking about sex each week. There will be times throughout your life when you have greater interest in sex than others. We’re suggesting you make it consistent – learn what puts you in the mood and initiate sex each week. Try Provestra or HerSolution Pills if you need to revive your libido.
Flirt – You may find those sexy glances and lust-filled texts came easier while you were dating, but it’s important to flirt after you’re married too. Put a little passion into it to keep things fresh.
Work At It – Relationships can be hard work. So don’t let things get stale; try new things, like these new sex positions (you’ll love them!). Talk about your likes and dislikes. Put work into your relationship – and, of course, aim for weekly sex.

Make it Easier

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