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The Natural Way To Increase Female Libido

  • 100% Herbal Daily Supplement
  • Doctor Approved
  • Increase Feelings Of Desire
  • Reduce Vaginal Dryness
  • Enjoy More Frequent Orgasms

Provestra® Overview

Increase Feelings Of Sexual Desire... Naturally!

Women may experience less desire for sex for a variety of reasons.

Busy, stressful lives, poor nutrition, and hormonal changes that come with pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause can all wreak havoc on our libidos, causing our desire for sex to plummet.

Mentally, we may desire sex. But physically, our bodies just don't cooperate. And suddenly what used to be a fun recreational activity with our partner turns into a chore.

Here at Natural Health Source, we believe that EVERY woman deserves to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. On YOUR terms!

And that's why our team of women's health experts have formulated Provestra™, the 100% natural libido enhancer for women.

It's so effective that it's now doctor recommended... yet it's gentle enough that daily use is recommended and it comes with no unwanted side effects!

Benefits of daily supplementation with Provestra™ may include:

  • Dramatic boost in desire for sex
  • Increased frequency of sexual thoughts
  • Faster arousal, with more intense sensations
  • More vaginal lubrication
  • Faster total-body arousal
  • Passionate intimate encounters
  • More frequent and intense orgasms

Many women tell us that they begin to see these results in as little as 7 days after being supplementation.

However, it's important to remember that Provestra™ has been formulated to help your body recover from deficits and hormonal imbalances that have been created over time.

So it only makes sense that it's going to take a little time and patience to restore this natural balance.

That's why we recommend a minimum supplementation of 30 days before you decide whether or not Provestra is working for you... and then plan to continue supplementation to maintain the results.

Other benefits you may experience after 60+ days of supplementation include more regular periods, fewer hot flashes, boosted energy, fewer mood swings, reduced symptoms of PMS, and more.

Remember, there's no risk in trying Provestra™ because our industry leading guarantee supports your choice for 60 days with a generous money back guarantee.

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A 100% Natural Herbal Blend To Increase Female Libido

Provestra® has earned doctor endorsements for three simple reasons:

It's all natural... there are no side effects... and IT WORKS!

This complex blend of herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs acts to gently and naturally correct imbalances that can interfere with your sex drive and overall enjoyment of intimate sexual activities.

And it works quickly – within just 30 days of supplementation, you'll likely notice that the frequency of your sexual thoughts increases, sensations are more intense, and total body arousal comes faster...

... Helping you to start truly enjoying sex again!

The Formulation Includes:


An amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide, increasing blood flow to your clitoris and vagina, while also causing the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels, resulting in total body arousal. It also plays an important role in the release of ‘youth hormones’ – which play a key role in your sexual functioning.


An aphrodisiac and mild stimulant that acts as a relaxant. It has been used for over 4000 years for sex and it's what gives you those great feelings when you eat chocolate.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C)

Plays an important role in helping your system to naturally balance excess estrogen, a common complaint and key cause of diminished libido in women.


A potent aphrodisiac that's thought to relieve symptoms of menopause as well as boost immune function, reduce depression, reduce appetite, and combat symptoms of menopause.

Ginkgo Biloba

Used by the Chinese for centuries to improve sexual satisfaction by boosting blood flow to the genital regions. Also excellent for improving mental clarity and function.

Damiana Leaf

An aphrodisiac that stimulates muscle contractions in the intestines and boosts oxygen in genital regions for increased sensitivity of the clitoris. Also good for hormone regulation, boosting vaginal lubrication, and orgasm pleasure.

Black Cohosh Root

Used by North American natives for centuries to treat menopause symptoms, including hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Good for infertility, heavy periods, cramping, inflammation of the uterus, and even relief of labor pains.

Red Raspberry

Tones and strengthens the reproductive system, relieves heavy cramping during periods, reduces PMS, relieves hot flashes, and naturally helps to balance out estrogen.

Licorice Root

Cleanses and detoxifies liver, where your sex hormones are processed. Also good for relieving fluid retention, tender breasts, mood swings, and low mood. Excellent for combatting the effects of stress.

Ginger Root

An aphrodisiac known for increasing blood flow to the genital regions and increasing the sensitivity of erogenous zones. It's even named in the Kama Sutra!

Valerian Root

Helps to induce a sense of calm and relaxation; good for reducing stress and anxiety.


One of the highest sources of natural plant estrogens that aid in hormonal balance and reduce menopause symptoms.

Vitamin A

Promotes the health of the lining in your vagina and uterus. Also critical for healthy reproductive function; aids in the regulation of the sex hormone progesterone.

Vitamin C

Promotes healthy vaginal lubrication during sex, as well as helps maintain the elasticity of your urinary tract, reducing instances of leakage and incontinence. Good for regulating symptoms of menopause and menstruation.

Vitamin E

Required for the synthesis of hormones, Vitamin E helps regulate the toxic effects of too much estrogen. It can also help reduce vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

B-Complex Vitamins

(Includes B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, and B-12.)

Essential for a healthy sex drive, the B-complex vitamins improve blood flow to the genital regions, improve energy , and help you synthesize sex hormones. Can relieve anxiety and tension.

Folic Acid

Folate deficiencies are associated with infertility. Critical for the production of healthy, normal red and white blood cells. Improves energy.


Required for cell growth, fatty acid production, and metabolism of fat and amino acids. Helps maintain consistent blood sugar levels. And it's involved in various metabolic reactions, transferring carbon dioxide.

Calcium Carbonate

Required for healthy muscle contractions during orgasm, as well as nerve function.


Helps to regulate your periods, and is necessary for red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body.


Plays a key role in the maintenance of our sexual functions. Boosts sexual stamina.

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Doctor Recommended

The value of Provestra's® all-natural ingredients in increasing sexual desire, relieving menopausal symptoms, and making it easier to achieve orgasm is becoming widely recognized by the medical community.

While previously, doctors stuck to recommending over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, they're starting to embrace the benefits of all-natural herbal remedies like Provestra®.

Especially as more and more studies provide overwhelming evidence that these natural remedies get REAL results, without the harmful side effects that so frequently come with prescriptions!

Dr. Karen Vieira

Dr. Karen F. Vieira, PhD, MSM

"Women interested in increased sex drive, sexual sensation, lubrication and pleasure can now turn to Provestra, a safe and effective product designed to restore and optimize female sexual health. Provestra is formulated with an array of proven ingredients that can restore passion and desire and put the spark back into sex.

Women's sexual health is a complicated subject, and many people falsely chalk up a lack of sexual desire to psychological issues, when this is most often not the case. In fact, properly balanced blood flow, optimized hormone and brain chemical release, and improved lubrication are all needed in order to restore female sexual health. Without any or all of these factors, women may fail to become “in the mood” and begin to feel inadequate. Male partners may feel unwanted. Negative feelings then ensue, but the ultimate solution is simply a restoration of sexual health.

Rather than suffering through the negative effects of absent sexual desire, women can begin to experience the best sex of their lives with the help of Provestra. Each ingredient serves its own unique purpose. Damiana has been proven to be a potent aphrodisiac and has been used to restore female libido for many years. Kudzu contains phytoestrogens and balances estrogen levels. Ginseng is a circulation enhancer and may optimize male hormones that play a significant role in female sexual desire. Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) optimizes estrogen levels and reduces unhealthy estrogen compounds. Several other ingredients have additional benefits that add to the full effect of the formula.

Not many solutions exist for optimizing female sexual health, but Provestra is the real deal. I recommend Provestra for any women interested in enhanced sexual desire, improved lubrication, increased pleasure and multiple orgasms."

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How does Provestra® work?

Desire for sex is one thing...having GREAT sex is another. Provestra® is a 100% all-natural and doctor-approved daily supplement formulated to increase a woman's desire for sex, with:

  • Deep and intense sexual sensations
  • More vaginal lubrication
  • Faster full body arousal
  • Putting passion back where it belongs - in your bedroom!
  • And putting regular, thoroughly satisfying orgasms within reach!

Provestra® is a proprietary blend of high quality herbals, nutrients and natural aphrodisiacs, all proven to rebalance shifting hormones that affect aspects of the female anatomy, for sexual performance and desire for sex.

Women today lead busy lives - we balance careers with family obligations, finances with housework. That leaves little time for proper nutrition, to say nothing of exercise!

Then, as if those weren't enough, our bodies change, with hormonal shifts that accompany:

  • Post-pregnancy
  • The menstrual cycle
  • Menopause
  • Exposure to synthetic estrogens (like hormone replacement therapy)
  • Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress

...Leaving us more exhausted and run-down than ever...and even LESS interested in sex!

That's why we've formulated Provestra® to gently nurture your body and balance shifting hormones. Provestra® naturally supplements the stressed and over-worked female body, putting utterly feminine feelings of desire for sex and deep, engorging and frequent orgasms back in your bedroom. Sex becomes fun, amazing and, dare we say it, ENJOYABLE once again rather than being a chore!

When will I see results?

May women report feeling results in as little as 7 days, with:

  • Noticeable increase in sexual appetite
  • Increased fantasies and anticipation of sex
  • Quicker full body arousal
  • More vaginal lubrication, faster
  • Intense sensations in the genital regions

However, please bear in mind that Provestra® is formulated to help your body recover from nutritional deficits and shifting hormones, in no small part from stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and more...

These didn't happen overnight, so it makes sense that it takes a little time to restore your natural balance!

That's why we recommend that you supplement with Provestra® for at least 30 days for increased, dramatic results, including:

  • More regular periods, and lighter, with less cramping
  • Fewer hot flashes
  • More energy
  • Fewer mood swings and reduced irritability
  • More intense, pleasurable muscle contractions with orgasms

...And much more!

I'm just not interested in sex...can Provestra® help?

You're probably in agreement that most women could benefit with a daily multi-vitamin, to fill in those nutritional gaps and buffer our health with essential nutrients and minerals, correct?

Well, Provestra® is that daily supplement for your sexual health and reproductive system, with those essential nutrients required to keep women at their sexual peak and to rebalance those shifting hormones.

Provestra® has a long and happy list of women who rave that it works.

And the vast majority of women who take Provestra® for at least 30 days report a dramatic increase in desire for sex, frequency of sex and deep, exquisite orgasms.

However, we don't know you. We're unaware of your medical history, relationship satisfaction, views on sexuality, stress levels and/or other factors that influence satisfaction of and desire for sex.

For that reason, it's difficult to say with 100% certainty that Provestra® will work for you.

If you're unsure why you've lost interest in sex, a supplement like Provestra® should help. And it might be worth your while to speak with a medical professional to determine any underlying issues...

But please be aware that Provestra® is backed by a no risk moneyback guarantee. If it's not working for you, just return the product and containers and your money's refunded, minus shipping and handling.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority - it's that simple.

I've never been very sensitive in the genital area. Can Provestra® help?

Yes, women regularly tell us that they've experienced heightened (and enjoyable!) sensations in their clitoris, labia and vaginal regions upon supplementation with Provestra®.

That's thanks to a powerful combination of botanicals and nutrients that promote relaxation and stimulate blood flow to the genitalia.

And this increases overall sensitivity of your privates, for more vaginal lubrication and full body sexual arousal. Are you good with that?

I've never orgasmed. Can Provestra® help?

Yes, we're pleased to say that many women experience their first orgasm thanks to Provestra®.

First, Provestra® helps to dilate the blood vessels. This helps you relax and enjoy the experience without trying so hard.

And secondly, Provestra® is formulated with a powerful combination of herbals and nutrients that combine to produce some of the most frequent and pleasurable muscle contractions you can imagine. You can relax and enjoy.

Can Provestra® help with lubrication?

Yes! Many of the ingredients in Provestra® have a direct impact on vaginal lubrication and "wetness" - both how quickly you lubricate and the volume of lubrication, for a deep, pleasurable orgasm.

Lubrication is so important to the sexual experience because it increases both sensation AND desire. The earlier you lubricate in your intimate encounter, the faster you're involved in the moment, with intense, erotic feelings with your partner!

More Lubrication = Increased Sensations = Increased Desire.

...Which then intensifies the cycle, with more lubrication!

So yes, Provestra® is designed to naturally increase lubrication, and it does so early in the sexual encounter, for a longer and more enjoyable experience, WITHOUT dryness.

Can Provestra® make sex more comfortable?

Absolutely...with more lubrication, Provestra® should make your encounters more comfortable, and fun!

Two common issues that make sex uncomfortable for women are 1) lack of desire, and 2) lack of lubrication...

Provestra® has been designed by our team of medical scientists to address both problems. With increased blood flow to the genitalia you'll have more intense arousal, with more lubrication and increased desire.

But if sex is truly painful for you, as opposed to just mildly uncomfortable, we suggest you speak with a qualified physician to rule out any adverse underlying issues...

And if you've had a negative sexual experience in the past, if you've been or are currently in an unsupportive or abusive relationship or received negative messages about sex when you were younger, you might speak with a therapist to articulate these issues...

I'm my sex drive finished?

Not a chance! If you're suffering from lack of sex drive, moodiness, hot flashes or other symptoms of menopause, you can do VERY well with Provestra®!

Both pre-menopausal and menopausal women can both benefit from Provestra®, with the ideal (and natural!) balance of hormones optimized for sexual health and enjoyment.

Many of our most devoted clients are menopausal women.

Men have plenty of help, both prescription and natural, to supplement and boost their sex lives. Now women have a safe and natural solution, with Provestra®, which helps women enjoy regular and satisfying sex!

Does it come with side effects?

Provestra® is very safe. Please note that there are several herbals in its formula that are NOT recommended for pregnant women, but it comes with no known interactions with medications and shouldn't interfere with birth control.

Some women report a slight increase in breast size as it balances hormones and optimizes the reproductive system, but that's it.

And if you're concerned about possible interactions with allergies, conditions or existing medications, please speak with your doctor.

Can I take Provestra® if I'm trying to get pregnant?

Once pregnant, you should discontinue supplementation with Provestra®, as it contains several herbals that are not recommended for pregnant women.

Remember, always consult with your doctor when taking supplements while you're pregnant - even vitamins!

How do I know that Provestra® is safe?

Provestra® is completely natural and formulated with only the finest herbal ingredients.

And we've gone above and beyond for your peace of mind; we use the same pharmaceuticals manufacturer that major retailers, including Rite Aid, Wal Mart and Safeway, use to make life-saving medications!

This means...

  • We're cGMP compliant and certified!
  • We test all of our raw materials for purity before production.
  • We're more than happy to show you our Certificates of Freshness for any of our ingredients to prove their safety and potency. Just ask!
  • Every bottle of Provestra® is individually labelled with a lot number and expiry date.

Your safety and results are our #1 priority. It's as simple as that.

And if you have specific concerns about using Provestra®, please speak with your doctor!

Let's talk Provestra® expensive?

If you could buy Provestra® at your local health shop or supplement store - and you can't - a one month supply would retail for $59.95.

However, because we offer Provestra® online, we've cut out the middle man...and we pass the savings on to you!

... In fact, you'll find that it's available for what you'd pay for a high quality multi-vitamin on a monthly basis!

What's more, we can offer you bulk purchase discounts that can put Provestra® in your life for as little as $38 per month!

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes. We ship Provestra® in a plain, discreet package. No one will know what's inside.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course we do! Provestra® comes with a 100% RISK FREE moneyback guarantee.

Try Provestra® for 60 days. If it hasn't completely changed your sex life for the better, just return the product and containers and we'll refund your money minus shipping and handling.

How will the charge appear on my credit card?

Charges will appear on your card as "".

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Please try our product for 60 days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return the unused portion in the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling. If you want to take advantage of our Special Savings by ordering multiple containers, not to worry. You can still try the product absolutely risk-free for 60 days. Simply return the first two empty containers (your 60-day supply), and all additional unopened containers within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we will refund you the entire purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, for each returned item. No questions will be asked. How can we make this incredible guarantee? Because we KNOW you will be satisfied with Provestra®. Please do not ship any product back after the 60-day refund period has expired, as we will not be able to provide a refund or ship the product back to you after the 60-day refund period has expired. Returns must be received back at warehouse within 67 days of delivery with no exceptions. Please feel free to try our products, but refunds are limited to one order per customer.


Using state-of-the-art encryption security technology, your online order is secure. When you place your order, you will be taken to our secure server prior to being asked for your credit card number. We use an address verification system to compare your billing address to your credit card on file with your bank. Please note that unless these match, we cannot process your order.


Your privacy is important to us. We will never trade, lease or sell your name or e-mail address information. We follow a strict anti-spam policy and do not spam our customers, ever. We will contact you ONLY if your order information is incomplete. Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "" or "" . Your order is shipped discreetly in a plain package with a shipping label from "Leading Edge Marketing".

Order Packaging

Orders are discreetly shipped in plain packaging. There is nothing written on the package that identifies the contents.

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