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Is the New Female Sex Drug Any Good?

Mature_Blond_WomanNot a year after writing an article lamenting the absence of a female sex drug, we’re finally there. Just this month, an FDA advisory committee voted in favour to approve the little pink pill. That’s a huge win for lobbyists and Even the Score, who’ve long advocated a female Viagra to, well, even the score.
This new female sex pill is called ‘Flibanserin’, and will be marketed as Addyi if it clears the remaining hurdles required to hit a pharmacy near you. The ‘new’ part of that description is a little misleading though because Flibanserin has been in development for years – and been rejected twice by the FDA.
So is this female sex drug any good? Clinical studies done by the manufacturer suggest it moderately improves libido and desire. But these improvements come with side effects, like fatigue and fainting. And the efficacy seems moderate, and may not be worth the ordeal in the first place.

Flibanserin Gets the Green Light

After two attempts, it appears Flibanserin has the go-ahead. On June 4, an advisory panel voted 18-6 to recommend the FDA approve the drug. It’s designed to address hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women, and finally offers the female sex pill that lobbyists and special interest groups have demanded since the late 1990s.
With an estimated 42% of women unhappy with their sex lives, it’s welcome news.
Flibanserin is designed to shift the balance of brain chemicals dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. This makes it unlike natural libido pills like HerSolution and Provestra, which feed botanicals to the female reproductive system that address hormone imbalances and encourage blood flow to the genital region.
You’d likely have to take Flibanserin each time you wanted to have sex – another departure from popular libido supplements.

So What’s the Catch?

The caveat with Flibanserin. There are two, actually: first, it’s a ‘muted’ recommendation by the FDA panel, with some claims it may simply be bowing to pressure from special interest groups. And second, why the FDA has taken so long to approve Flibanserin to begin with. It’s linked to side effects that may include:

  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness

This is the same drug twice rejected in the past five years for these reasons. No changes have been made as the company tried the admittedly difficult task of making a prescription sex drug for women. Flibanserin may affect driving ability too – it’s linked to drowsiness in 10% of women who take it.
If Flibanserin gets the final nod of approval from the FDA, it must have warning labels that document these side effects. These are conditions of the board’s recommendation.

Attractive_Mature_Blond_WomanWe’re Gonna Wait

There’s no question that Flibanserin will meet a huge demand. Close to half of American women claim they’re not satisfied with things in the bedroom. They clearly want help – roughly 25,000 supporters signed an online petition to get something done.
But not all womens’ groups support this drug. The National Women’s Health Network has advised the FDA to say no to Flibanserin. It’s not gender bias to be concerned about safety, says the network, which calls attention to the side effects and lukewarm results.
We’re taking a similar stance here at Natural Health Source. While we’re pleased to see an option for women who want to address sexual dysfunction and put passion back in relationships, this isn’t the way to do it. Those side effects are troubling, and frankly, not worth the risk for effects that are moderate and nothing to write home about.
Based on these safety concerns, and the fact that it’s already been rejected twice by the FDA, we’re going to pass.

Don’t Forget About Natural Libido Supplements

It’s not our place to say that you should forgo prescription drugs for natural libido supplements. We have an opinion, of course, but it’s your decision whether you want to try Flibanserin – asssuming it comes to market – wait for another drug or go for a natural sex pill like many of our readers do.
Should you choose to go the latter route, you’ve got two good options. We can accurately say ‘good’ because they both come with satisfaction rates that hover north of 97%. They’re both doctor-approved and have longevity on their side – something that adds legitimacy and can reassure you in a market of sometimes shady products making claims they can’t always deliver.


Overview: HerSolution is a natural female libido supplement. Sometimes called HerSolution Pills, it’s designed to help women increase long-term interest in sex and intimacy.
What it Does: HerSolution is formulated with botanicals, herbals and amino acids that gently address the shifting hormones that can reduce sex drive as we get older.
HerSolution_PillsThe Payoff: Interest in sex, easier orgasms, pleasant sensations and long-term sexual gratification. That’s an important distinction between HerSolution and this new drug, because the former should help you enjoy spontaneous intimacy.
Like Viagra, you’d probably need to take a female sex drug each time you wanted to fool around.


Overview: Like HerSolution, Provestra is a natural female libido supplement designed with botanicals and nutrients that stoke the libido, for long-term interest and satisfaction in the bedroom.
What it Does: Provestra increases blood flow to the genitalia and should help address hormonal deficiencies that affect the libido over time. You’ll need to wait for the ingredients to build up in your system, but they’re poetry when they do.
The Payoff: More interest in and frequency of you-know-what. Provestra helps women achieve climax and should reduce vaginal dryness and related dry sex.
Note that HerSolution and Provestra are both female enhancement supplements that serve the same function. They have different formulas and each has its own camp of followers. But they’re both natural and come with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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