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Liposomal NMN + NR

GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN + NR is formulated to support optimal NAD+ synthesis by utilizing a pair of well-established NAD+ precursors. Every serving supplies you with a clinically substantiated dose of each potent precursor. Plus, the formula incorporates Liposomal Encapsulation Technology to maximize absorption rates and enhance cellular uptake.

  • Promotes Cellular Regeneration
  • Boosts Mitochondrial Functionality
  • Elevates DNA Repair Efficiency
  • Increases Longevity & Healthspan

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How Our Dual Approach Supplies Maximal NAD+ Support

Numerous studies have reported that NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR (nicotinamide riboside) successfully stimulate a pronounced proliferation of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), aka the “longevity” molecule, revered for its impressive strengthening effects on lifespan and healthspan.

Yet, while NMN and NR have both been celebrated for their top-notch NAD+ enhancing capabilities, many have wondered which one operates more effectively?

This inquiry has stumped researchers. Both NMN and NR can be extremely powerful, each on their own, but they work differently in different people. For some individuals, NMN can be more effective. For others, NR can be more effective. Ultimately, it comes down to our unique genetics. Nobody knows in advance whether NMN or NR will be more effective for any particular person, creating a dilemma about which to take.

A Two-Pronged Solution

An eye-opening 2020 study published in the Integrative Medicine Clinician’s Journal stated:

NMN and NR dance together.

This shows that using NMN and NR together may be the best choice if you want to upgrade your NAD+ potential as much as possible.

Your Ideal Option

Both NMN and NR are considered to be superior on their own. By combining them synergistically, our dual-powered blueprint can help optimize NAD+ synthesis.

Since each person metabolizes NMN and NR in a unique fashion, you can’t know with 100% certainty which will be better for your own genetic makeup. When used in conjunction with each other, these potent compounds should enhance NAD+ production even more.

GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR Provides Three Key Advantages

Our dual NAD+ support complex contains features absent from other brands, and supplies you with highly pure NMN and NR at scientifically substantiated doses, using an advanced delivery system.

Advantage #1 Authentic NMN & NR Molecules

NMN + NR Molecules

You’ll find absolutely no “fluff” or “filler” - simply 100% authentic NMN and NR molecules. We’ve even had our NMN and NR tested and certified by a third party and will provide you with the documentation to prove it's truly elite.

Advantage #2 Optimal Dosing Based On Science

Supplement Facts

A research-supported 250mg dose of both NMN and NR allows you to garner the most valuable benefits from every serving, as opposed to other products that provide “skimpy” doses and fail to help you reach your full potential.

Advantage #3 Liposomal Encapsulation Delivery

The first-class, pharmaceutical-grade delivery system gives you three massive edges:

#1 Shields essential compounds from digestive enzymes & acids

#2 Tremendously improves absorption rates

#3 Significantly upgrades cellular uptake

NMN & NR Are Clinically-Supported NAD+ Precursors

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and nicotinamide riboside (NR) are natural compounds that effectively enhance NAD+ biosynthesis”
- Cell Metabolism 2018 Cell Metabolism
Several studies have shown the efficacy of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) in boosting NAD+ levels”
- Translational Medicine of Aging 2021 Translational Medicine of Aging
Supplementation with NMN is considered a viable and highly efficient strategy of increasing NAD+ levels”
- Frontiers 2021 Frontier 2021
Oral NR increased NAD+ concentrations > twofold”
- Current Nutrition Reports 2023

The Pathway To Elevated NAD+ Synthesis

Ever wondered how NMN and NR get converted into NAD+ inside your body? Here’s how it works. First, NR is remade into NAD+ through enzymatic reactions. The initial reaction occurs when an enzyme called NRK paves the way for an added phosphate group, effectively producing NMN. NMN acts as an intermediary, receiving an adenylyl moiety when it’s acted upon by another enzyme called NMNAT, after which it manifests as NAD+.

In a nutshell, it happens like this:

The Vital Functions NAD+ Supports In Your Body

Recent studies suggest that NAD+ levels can have a profound effect on overall wellness, as the compound is involved in more than 500 cellular processes. Essential functions such as ensuring genetic integrity, shielding telomeres from shortening, optimizing cellular signaling, processing energy from nutrients, maintaining circadian rhythm, empowering immune health, or inducing autophagy, all rely heavily upon NAD+ for the biochemical reactions they need to fuel functionality.

The Remarkable Wellness Benefits You Unlock By Boosting Your NAD+ Levels

The enhanced NAD+ synthesis you can experience while using NMN and NR corresponds with an impressive list of growing health benefits linked to greater healthspan and enhanced longevity. Clinical research indicates growing NAD+ levels may promote considerable gains in vitality, numerous cognitive enhancements, support for cardiovascular health, highly restorative sleep, mitigated inflammatory responses, reduced joint pain and stiffness, plus a better overall mood and mindset.

  • Increased Vitality & Daily Energy Levels
  • Support for Blood Flow & Cardiovascular Health
  • Maintenance & Enhancement Of Cognitive Wellness
  • More Restful & Restorative Sleep
  • Lowered Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Stronger Immune Responses
  • Elevated Mindset

NAD+ Synthesis Declines As You Age

These days, it has become widely accepted that the organic decline humans experience in NAD+ synthesis is a primary driving force behind age-related deterioration. The good news is that regularly supplementing with GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR can help you restore and revive NAD+ levels via natural pathways, resulting in high-level anti-aging support, no matter your age.

By middle age, our NAD+ levels have plummeted to half that of our youth.”
- Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal 2020

Expertly Crafted & Manufactured In The USA

We decided to manufacture GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR right here in the United States of America to guarantee optimal quality control. With all manufacturing taking place in our cGMP-certified facilities, you’d better believe we focus intensely on quality and consistency.

Get Free Delivery Inside The Continental United States

If you live within the continental USA, aka the “lower 48,” please take full advantage of our fast, free doorstep delivery. That way, you can sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy a life-changing experience with ZERO shipping costs.

Use GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR Risk-Free For Up To 97 Days

Our commitment to providing optimal anti-aging outcomes is unwavering. Our promise to you is genuine: if, for any reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with your GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR experience, just return your empty containers within 97 days of the date you received them and collect a full refund of the purchase price (doesn’t cover shipping fees).

If you’re interested in saving money with our bulk order options but worried you won’t be covered, don’t fret! All unopened containers can be returned, along with your used or opened containers, within the money-back guarantee period, and you’ll be compensated for those, too.

However, we must politely insist that you not return products after the 97-day refund window has ended. All returns must make it to our facilities within 97 days of the delivery to be eligible for the refund. This 97-day satisfaction guarantee is limited to a single order per customer.

Get Going On Optimizing Your NAD+ Levels Here Today

Experiencing optimal aging outcomes requires you to commit to enhancing NAD+ synthesis over the long run. Our first-class 2-in-1 formulation makes doing that simple at an affordable price. Plus, you’ll save loads by ordering in bulk. Simply slide on up to the top of the page to find the ideal package for you to get going on your journey today.



GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR contains Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), along with Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), to promote longevity and healthspan. These compounds are protected by a Liposomal Encapsulation System that provides high-level absorbability.

Every serving of GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR (2 capsules) contains 250mg of both NMN and NR, the perfect amount for optimal aging outcomes, according to studies.

For the best possible outcomes, you’ll want to take 2 daily capsules with food.

Yes. In fact, you can use GenuinePurity™ Liposomal NMN + NR risk-free with our 97-day satisfaction guarantee. Should you be unhappy with your results, just return all bottles within 97 days of the date you received your order, and you’ll be given a refund of the purchase price (which doesn’t include shipping costs) with zero questions asked.

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