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Profollica Plus® With Millet Extract

  • Helps PREVENT Hair Loss
  • Encourages Hair REGROWTH
  • Sourced from GLUTEN-FREE Wheat
  • Helps ENHANCE Hair Growth with Profollica®

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Profollica® Plus With Millet Extract By GenF20® Overview

Hit Back At Hair Loss – Quickly

Profollica® Plus Millet Extract by GenF20® is a millet extract that encourages better hair growth. It helps buffer against hair loss in men and women with a series of hair-friendly nutrients, including Biotin and Maidenhead Fern.

If you see hair loss, it may protect what you’ve got, and encourage new hair growth – something you’ll want to address very quickly.

Yet again we come back to the millet in Profollica® Plus and the hope that brings to folks with hair loss. Millet, an ancient grain, is rich in proteins – the building block of hair – and may help protect against breakage.

You can use Profollica® Plus on its own or with Profollica® for even more protection against hair loss. But remember, do something quick – once the follicles are dead, there’s no going back.


Profollica® deals with your hair loss, from the INSIDE OUT, formulated to reduce your DHT levels, awaken dormant hair
follicles back to the anagen "growth" phase, and leave you with thicker, healthier, shinier hair...

... Hair that simply looks and feels GREAT!

Daily Supplement

Profollica® Plus with Millet Extract is a natural hair loss-fighting supplement. It brings the anti-aging and hair loss expertise of the Profollica® and GenF20® Plus teams and is made with nutrients that help prevent breakage and stimulate activity within shrinking hair follicles.

Pop The Hood On Profollica® Plus And You’ll Find:

Pantothenic Acid (Calcium D-Pantothenate)

This is a form of Vitamin B. It helps the body metabolize fats and proteins that are vital to hair growth. Pantothenic Acid is shown to strengthen hair follicles and encourage exfoliation of dead skin cells.


One of the best known hair nutrients, Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that helps keratin infrastructure. A 2015 study found Biotin ‘significantly’ boosted hair growth among women affected by hair loss.

Millet Extract

This is a gluten-free grain. It’s packed with hair-friendly protein and magnesium. The latter helps send blood and nutrients to the scalp. It may also reduce premature greying.


L-Cystine is one of the body’s few amino acids that can form disulfide bonds. That means it helps keep keratin together, which helps with hair texture and thickness. Just as encouraging, it also appears to slow hair loss as well.


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