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Nitric Oxide Support

Feeling tired, old, and worn out all of the time? Your body probably isn’t producing enough Nitric Oxide. The peer-reviewed Science Journal named Nitric Oxide its “Molecule of the Year” after clinical studies confirmed it is responsible for improving:

  • Sexual Performance
  • Athletic Performance
  • Cognitive Health
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Blood Flow

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VigRX Nitric Oxide is formulated with two amino acids that, when ingested, convert to Nitric Oxide, an essential element for maintaining and improving overall health. Nitric Oxide has been involved in numerous clinical studies, and has been shown to improve:

  • Blood Flow
  • Long-Term Memory
  • Erection Quality
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Sexual and Athletic Performance
  • And the Immune System

Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies produce less and less Nitric Oxide, which leaves us feeling tired, old, and worn out. Sadly, by the time we hit our 40s, we’re only producing half as much Nitric Oxide as we did when we were teens. This is also, not coincidentally, about the time in our lives that we start “feeling our age”. As our Nitric Oxide levels drop, so does our energy levels, sex drive, and motivation.

VigRX Nitric Oxide can reverse the effects of this Nitric Oxide deficiency. What else will it help with? We’re glad you asked…

Nitric Oxide and Improved Blood Flow

Nitric Oxide has been clinically proven to relax blood vessels, which improves blood flow. This Nitric Oxide induced blood flow is responsible for improved:

  • Cognitive Abilities - Improved blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, two components that are essential for good brain health.
  • Erection Control - Improved blood flow to the penis means erections are easily achieved and maintained.
  • Blood Pressure - Relaxed blood vessels and improved blood circulation can actually lower blood pressure.
  • Athletic Performance - Whether you’re lifting in the gym or training for a marathon, improved blood flow can deliver massive amounts of the energy that your muscles need to grow
  • Heart Health - Increased blood flow means that more oxygen is being carried to the heart, which keeps your heart functioning properly.

A healthy circulatory system is essential for overall good health. When our muscles, brain, and organs aren’t getting the oxygen and nutrients they need, due to poor blood flow, they can’t function properly. As our natural Nitric Oxide levels begin to deplete, and blood flow slows, dietary supplementation becomes all the more necessary. And that’s where VigRX Nitric Oxide comes in.

Is VigRX Nitric Oxide Right for You?

Are you working-out longer and harder, just to see the same results? Are you starting to lose your mojo in the bedroom? Are you sapped of all energy and motivation, just mid-way through the day? Or, maybe you’re just sick and tired of feeling like an old man when you’re not even out of your 30s?

All of the above symptoms are the result of low levels of Nitric Oxide. If you want to feel young, vibrant, and full of energy, you need to get your Nitric Oxide levels back to where they were when you were young. And, VigRX Nitric Oxide can do that for you.

Get your 3-month supply of VigRX Nitric Oxide today, and before you know it, you be back to your youthful self again.

When formulating VigRX Nitric Oxide, we chose only all-natural amino acids that are proven to boost Nitric Oxide levels in the body. There are no fillers, stimulants, or synthetic ingredients to worry about. VigRX is all-natural and safe for long-term use.


Velox™ is the brand name of our patented blend of L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. While each of these amino acids has been proven to boost Nitric Oxide levels, studies have shown that combining these two amino acids into one supplement increases N.O. levels better than when supplementing with just one or the other.


L-Citrulline is naturally produced by our bodies and is responsible for the creation of Nitric Oxide. While it’s also possible to get L-Citrulline from a well-balanced diet, you can’t get enough of it to boost Nitric Oxide significantly. Once L-Citrulline is ingested, it converts to L-Arginine, which then converts to Nitric Oxide.


L-Arginine is another naturally occurring amino acid that our body produces. Once L-Arginine is produced or consumed, our bodies convert it to Nitric Oxide. L-Arginine works most effectively when combined with L-Citrulline.

Prior to the early 1990s, scientists had no idea Nitric Oxide played such a crucial role in our good health.That all changed in 1992 when clinical studies determined the improved blood flow stimulated by Nitric Oxide was responsible for:

  • Maintaining and improving long-term memory.
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Increasing athletic and sexual performance.
  • Maintaining a healthy immune system.

After these clinical studies came to light, scientists name Nitric Oxide their “Molecule of the Year”. Six years later, three Americans won the Nobel Prize for Medicine when their studies showed that Nitric Oxide played a crucial role in maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

This essential molecule is no joke when it comes to improving overall health. Plenty of clinical studies conducted since then continue to prove its efficacy.

Nitric Oxide and its Affect on Erection Quality

In a clinical study conducted by the Department of Pharmacology at the Shiga University of Medical Science in Otsu, Japan, scientists finally determined exactly what causes an erection.

It’s hard to believe that it took scientists until 1998 to figure this out, but it’s true. Up until then, all they knew is that blood flow to the penis causes an erection. In this important study, they were able to determine that it was Nitric Oxide, acting as a messenger, that triggers the blood flow to the penis. This clinical study was able to prove that Nitric Oxide supplementation can improve erection quality.

The conclusion of the study clearly suggests Nitric Oxide can dramatically help men who struggle with erection problems.

Nitric Oxide and its Affect on Athletic Performance

In this study, 41 men who regularly work-out were split into two groups. One group was given an L-Citrulline supplement prior to an intense work-out (the same L-Citrulline found in VigRX Nitric Oxide). The second group was asked to do the same work-out, but they were given a placebo beforehand. This was a double-blind study, so neither group knew which they were given.

The results; the group that received the L-Citrulline supplement performed better, recovered faster, and were less sore than the group that was given a placebo. It’s no wonder L-Citrulline supplements are so popular with amateur and professional athletes.


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