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Our team of dermaceutical specialists have created an exciting lineup of skin care products, with potent formulations that include series of clinically proven, active ingredients that combine to produce real results you can both see and feel. 

As Low As $49

Anti-aging breakthrough in skin repair accelerates natural collagen production in 84 days! Visibly reduces wrinkles, crow's feet, &  lines for a more youthful look.

As Low As $49

For beautiful, youthful-looking eyes without the tell-tale age markers. Helps eliminate laugh lines, crow's feet, dark circles, puffiness, and bagging. 

As Low As $34

Fades scars like magic. And it does so naturally, without costly needles or painful laser surgery.

As Low As $49

To look younger fast, use Instant Wrinkle Reducer by Skinception™, which has a peptide found in Botox that erases wrinkles for up to 8 hours.

As Low As $58

Completely transforms dry, aging, lackluster skin to give you a refined, dewy, radiant look – with fewer visible lines and wrinkles. 

As Low As $45

With Regestril, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by up to 72.5% after just 2 months! Works for pregnancy, weight gain, surgery & more.

As Low As $33

You're NO LONGER losing up to 40% of your skin's structure with Phyto350, which 'fills in' wrinkles naturally from the inside-out!

As Low As $34

Remove Residue, Excess Facial Oil and Have a Better Complexion!

As Low As $34

For Natural Regeneration of Vibrant Facial Skin!

As Low As $34

Get ready to shave less and show more of your hair-free body! Stop Grow™'s new, all-natural formula is clinically proven to reduce body hair by up to 69%.

As Low As $67

Acne doesn't stand a chance with this natural, three-step comprehensive acne treatment system that fights zits on the inside and on that soon-to-be acne-free exterior you'll present to the world!

As Low As $40

For flawless complexion and natural lightening of moles and skin blemishes. This safe and highly effective skin lightener contains no mercury, steroids or hydroquinone.

As Low As $49

Stop living at the mercy of your rosacea outbreaks and take back some control. Break the vicious cycle of redness, inflammation, and prickling heat!

As Low As $97

HerSolution® Sculpt System gives you the tools to have an amazing rear and embrace your sexy.

As Low As $49

This luxurious scrub perfects, smooths and tightens skin tissues while stimulating collagen production in targeted areas.

As Low As $49

This Collagen-infused body mask stimulates collagen production and helps smooth out cellulite in those ‘sexy’ areas, like the rear and hips.

As Low As $49

This targeted serum is created with a blend of custom and organic ingredients, which keep skin moisturized, and minimize the appearance of embarrassing stretch marks.

What Skin Care Products Should I Buy?

The skin care products you'll find on Natural Health Source are hybrid products, of natural skin care ingredients like shea butter and beta glucan with patented peptides. The latter of which are clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin, for the thick, vibrant young skin of decades gone by.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams with Retinol

An anti-wrinkle cream treats wrinkles, both present and future.

Recently, there has been much attention given to Retinol - a derivative of vitamin A, prized by dermatologists for its ability to reduce fine lines, improve pigmentation and fade age spots, for even-colored skin.

You'll find that Retinol is quite gentle on the skin. And this makes it ideal for consumers with skin sensitivities or issues with common skin care products.

On Natural Health Source, Kollagen Intensiv is an effective anti-wrinkle cream, formulated with patented peptides and natural ingredients. And notably, Retinol is a key ingredient in Kollagen Intensiv, to fight wrinkles and keep skin beautiful.

Eye Creams

An eye cream is formulated to treat puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. On Natural Health Source, Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy is an effective treatment for these concerns. It's formulated with natural skin care ingredients including beta glucan and green tea extract.

Has anyone ever told you to put chilled tea bags on your eyes to reduce dark circles? Buy an eye cream with green tea extract and it's the same principle in action.

Similar to choosing an anti-wrinkle cream, look for an eye cream that blends botanicals like aloe vera and the aforementioned green tea extract with patented peptides. In a recent clinical study, Eyeseryl®, for example, reduced under-eye bags in up to 95% of study participants. You'll find Eyeseryl® and other potent peptides in Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy.

Stretch Mark Creams

Estimates suggest that 95% of women who've experienced child birth have stretch marks. Purchase a stretch mark cream to fade stretch marks. Better yet, use a stretch mark cream before you give birth and you can prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place.

A stretch mark cream is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin. They're both required to keep skin plump and to keep skin from separating in its inner layers during life events like child birth, weight gain, surgery and even weight-lifting.

Like you would with other anti-aging creams, choose a stretch mark cream with a good blend of botanicals and peptides. You'll be encouraged to know that Regestril™, found in Skinception™ Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by up to 72.5%.

Rosacea Treatments

You might not consider rosacea an aging issue. But for millions of Americans, rosacea really hurts the ego, with flare-ups from trivial causes, like spicy foods, hot drinks, sun light and even the wind. Among some of the more notable people who've struggled with the pain of rosacea are Bill Clinton, Mariah Carey, Rosie O'Donell and J.P. Morgan.

A rosacea treatment, like its anti-aging cousins, should balance gentle botanicals with peptides that penetrate deep into the dermal layers, to clear existing flare ups and prevent issues down the road.

When choosing a rosacea treatment, try a cream with Renovage®, which studies show can prevent rosacea outbreaks in 95% of people with this problematic and annoying condition. On Natural Health Source, Rosacea Relief Serum by the Skinception™ line is one such product with Renovage®, and comes with the assurance of a proven label.

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