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Dangerous Ingredients in Skin Care Products

You might cringe when you read this. The Environmental Working Group estimates there are more than 10,000 nasty chemicals in beauty and skin care products. They range from carcinogens to pesticides and reproductive toxins. Yes, this affects you too – the average North American adult is exposed to 168 chemicals each day.Now consider that anything applied […]

Let’s Talk About Skin Care Products

Anyone who’s been to Italy knows that what Michelangelo could do with a fresh canvas was nothing short of spectacular. The Statue of David. The Sistine Chapel. The man was an artist whose works inspire us centuries after his death. Guess what? Your body has a canvass too. You’re wearing it. And if you want […]

Common Ingredients in Skin Care Products

You’ll find plenty of scientific jabber in your search for good skin care products, but unless you’ve got an advanced degree in bio-chemistry, it can be difficult to know the good ingredients and what they do. The skin care industry is big business, with products that milk the “anti-aging” wave becoming increasingly popular. Of course, […]

Skin Care Products That Irritate

There’s a minefield of toxins and substances in your house that, if you’re prone to allergies, can irritate your skin and make life very uncomfortable. Some of the culprits hit close to home. They’re the skin care products that we least suspect. Before we proceed further, we should define a contact dermatitis as an inflammation […]

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