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What Results Will I Get With Profollica?

Young_Man_Looking_For_Hair_LossProfollica is a two (and optional three) part natural hair loss-fighting system designed to help guys reduce balding. It’s designed with hair growth vitamins and a peptide called Trichogen.
In a clinical study, the latter reportedly reduced hair loss in 90% of men who took it. That was enough to put Profollica on the map for men with male pattern baldness and have it whispered in the same breath as Rogaine and Propecia.
It’s doubtful that Profollica will give you the locks of yesteryear. The product is designed to slow hair loss – it’s not a drug, after all (which, you’ll discover, is probably a good thing). Still, there’s enough potential with Profollica that you should see a noticeable reduction in hair loss and some growth of new hair.
Use Profollica and you’re guaranteed to see a difference – the product is guaranteed for 67 days.

Profollica is a Natural Hair Loss-Fighting System

You’ve probably heard of Profollica – it’s a natural hair loss fighting system made of herbals, vitamins, proteins and enzymes that fight hair loss and encourage growth of new hair. The system includes:
A Daily Supplement – Made with hair-friendly nutrients like niacin, vitamin B-12, zinc and biotin, the daily supplement is designed to provide much-needed nutrition and structure to your roots. The Daily Supplement fights hair loss starting on the inside, and that’s good, because that’s where balding starts.
The Activator Gel with Trichogen – Here’s the meat in Profollica. It’s got an Activator Gel with Trichogen – the ingredient with the stat that brings guys to this hair loss system in the first place. Just apply the Activator Gel to the scalp at least once a day and massage it into your scalp for follicle stimulation.
(Optional) The Revive Shampoo – You can also add the Revive Shampoo to get maximum results with Profollica. It’s ideal for guys concerned with the chemicals in many shampoos that can clog the scalp of vital nutrients and helps return hair to its ideal 8% moisture levels.

Use it to Reduce Hair Loss

The crux of Profollica is a peptide called Trichogen, which shows promise for guys concerned about the pain of male pattern balding.
In a clinical study, 40 men applied topical trichogen to their scalp for 16 weeks. All the men had moderate genetic hair loss and used the solution once every two days, applied to their clean, dry scalp.
Researchers checked in with the volunteers in weeks 8 and 16 of the study, and appraised the men of:
ProfollicaIntensity of Hair Loss – In unique situations, like when using a comb, applying shampoo and hairs remaining on their pillow in the morning.
Hair Quality
Scalp Condition
Hair Regrowth
On the study’s conclusion, the men reported an overall improvement in appearance and sensorial attributes of the scalp and hair, less hair loss and – wait for it – increased speed in regrowth of hair. These findings were verified by a dermatologist who reviewed the study.
The results suggest you’ll have better hair quality and less hair loss with Profollica. There’s a good chance you should experience hair regrowth as well – 36% of the guys in the study had new growth.
The bottom line here? Use Profollica and you can expect less hair loss, better quality hair, and have a respectable chance of new hair growth. It’s not a drug, so you may not see the results you would with Propecia, but that may be a good thing. Look up the sexual side effects of Propecia for a bone-chilling reality check.

Hair Growth Habits

You’ll have most success with Profollica if you use it in early stages of hair loss. If you can see your scalp, your follicles are still alive – albeit there are fewer of them. Profollica is designed to wake them up, with its two-part system including Trichogen.
The Revive Shampoo may give you even more noticeable results.

The results suggest you’ll have better hair quality and less hair loss with Profollica. There’s a good chance you should experience hair regrowth as well – 36% of the guys in the study had new growth.

Still, you’ll have best results with Profollica when you combine it in your overall strategy to reduce hair loss. Profollica gives you a jump-start, but you may encourage further growth of new hair when you:
Use a Mild Shampoo – Many shampoos are just swimming in chemicals that clog the scalp of oxygen and the nutrients needed to encourage hair growth. A mild cleanser can keep your hair clean – we like Profollica Revive Shampoo, which has Trichogen, ginseng and hair-friendly amino acids arginine and glucosamine.
Eat Protein – Over 90% of hair is protein. So it makes sense your follicles love the stuff. Foods that grow hair include eggs, oysters and oily fish like salmon.
Massage Oily Hair – Profollica comes with an Activator Gel with Trichogen and nutrients that encourage hair growth. Now massage it in your scalp and leave it on for at least four hours. You can rinse it out later or leave it in.
Don’t Comb Wet Hair – Your hair is weaker when it’s wet. That’s why you’ll want to avoid combing it when you get out of the shower. Use your fingers to reduce hair tangles, or use a wide-tooth comb if you must.
Run Ginger, Garlic or Onion Juice in Your Hair – There is some evidence that onion juice may encourage hair growth. Ginger and garlic juice might work, though they could equally be an old wives tale. Either way, it probably doesn’t hurt to try.
Drink (Plenty of!) Water – Hair likes water. Consider that one-quarter of each shaft is nuthin’ but H20 and you can see how drinking four to eight cups daily of the stuff probably can’t hurt your hair growth either.
Happy_Family_Man_Early_Hair_LossLimit AlcoholBooze is a diuretic. That means it dehydrates the body and can make hair brittle and more likely to break.
Don’t Smoke – The Nasty Habit is known to reduce blood flow to the scalp – and that’s something you need to transport nutrients to your hair.
Hit the Gym – Some evidence suggests exercise might reduce hair loss. Your hair’s condition is a reflection of your health, to say nothing of the fact that it increases blood circulation through the body. A little time in the gym might do your locks some good.
Reduce Stress – Chill out dude! Stress is a hair-killer, and a common scapegoat behind many a bald mane. Lower your stress with yoga or meditation or other ways to relax. Do it for your hair, and that other think called your health.

How Profollica Can Help

Profollica helps you reduce hair loss, and in some cases, grow new hair. It’s not a single fix to male pattern baldness – there isn’t one at present. But it’s effective, natural, and helps many guys feel good about their looks.
Use Profollica as part of your ongoing strategy to keep hair loss under control. Be realistic – you’re not going to have the hair you had at 13 – but you should see enough of a difference to turn heads again in a good way and be the bold, attractive dude nature wants you to be.

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