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Your Receding Hairline Action Plan

A receding hairline means you’re balding. Suck that in for a moment – as the Russian proverb tells us, it’s better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. A receding hair line means less hair in your future. Now compose yourself and pull up a chair. Some of the coolest and […]

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Exercise Tips For IBS Patients

No pain no gain may resonate with the bodybuilding set, but it’s among the worst exercise tips if you’re working out with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The same goes for colitis, acid reflux, Crohn’s and other gut diseases – a recent study found intense exercise can lead to gut damage and make symptoms worse if you’re […]

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How to Get Rid of a Sunburn

Want the fast answer for how to get rid of a sunburn? Don’t get one – sun burns happen when your skin is unexposed to UV radiation from the sun. You’ve got ample opportunities to avoid that with basic skin care, like a broad spectrum sunblock and protective clothing. You may burn without them, and increase […]

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Does Provestra Help Menopause Symptoms?

You probably know Provestra best as a natural libido supplement for women. Indeed that’s what it is – Provestra is made with herbals, botanicals, and nutrients like ginseng and black cohosh root that gently address the shifting hormones that tend to occur in women over time. Those shifting hormones are most likely why you’re reading […]

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Do I Have An Addiction to Porn?

Ease off the PornHub dude. A new study suggests guys with an addiction to porn are less likely to show up when a real sexual opportunity presents itself. They’re also more likely to get erectile dysfunction and be less than thrilled with intercourse. We’re guessing you can relate to at least some of that. Hey, […]

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