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Over the Counter Male Enhancement

Google Over the Counter Male Enhancement and you’ll get at least 2 million results. Some products are good, some are fake. And some, well, are akin to a pill made of sawdust. That doesn’t mean you should avoid over the counter male enhancement completely. It just means it’s not a fair playing field. There are […]

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Kombucha Health Benefits: Yes or No?

The many kombucha health benefits you’ve probably heard include better immune function and less hair loss, along with weight loss, lower blood pressure and better digestion. Does that ring a bell? It does for a lot of folks, who’ve propelled sales of kombucha to immense popularity in the United States and abroad. But is there […]

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Our New Product: Instant Wrinkle Reducer

It’s no secret age shows on the face. You can’t run from that, and even the best genes can only do so much before wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and those dreaded eye bags start to show. Add other factors that may affect you, like stress, sun exposure, smoking and the general wear and tear […]

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Colon Cancer and Vitamin A

Colon cancer is a growing health concern in the United States and abroad. It’s the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States and often fatal. That threat is even more concerning when you consider the traditional age range for colon cancer is getting younger at an alarming rate. Fortunately, it’s not all bad […]

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Manscaping Tips For Down There

To manscape or not to manscape? While Hamlet likely had more urgent issues at play than the first-world problem of whether to go hairless in the nether-regions, it’s a question that creeps up. Should I try manscaping? The short answer: On your back and shoulders yes, on your chest sometimes. But what about ‘down there’? […]

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