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PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout contains absolutely zero stimulants and comes loaded with a plethora of all-natural ingredients clinically proven to upgrade your stamina, motivation, and power in the gym.

  • Maximize your gym sessions
  • Amplify your energy
  • Elevate your strength
  • Shorten your recovery time
  • Take your results to new levels
  • Feel motivated to crush your goals
  • Avoid the “jitters” caused by stimulants

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Do You Want To Crush Your Fitness Goals Without The Post-Workout Crash?

PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout

More often than not, pre-workouts are chock-full of stimulants.

They're made to get you “amped” in the short term. But they don’t have any regard for the crash that is sure to come later on.

That sleepiness, that anxiety, that inability to concentrate can be absolutely debilitating.

And really, who has time for that?

That’s why we designed an all-natural stimulant-free pre-workout formula to ensure you maximize your workouts without the crash.

We call it PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout because our formula doesn’t need some hyped-up name to move off the shelves.

We believe in being straightforward and using high-quality ingredients that make you feel energetic without any come down.

No Stimulants & No Nonsense

PrimeGENIX container with glass

No stimulants.

We were sick and tired of using pre-workouts that “pumped” us up in the gym but had us unable to function at our best afterward.

PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout uses only natural ingredients and zero stimulants to supply healthy energy derived from the best amino acids and vitamins to carry you through your workout and beyond.

No nonsense.

We know your time is precious. Life is busy, and the clock is always ticking. You need to get in the gym, get a quality workout, and get on with your life.

Nobody has time for hitting the post-workout wall.

That’s why we designed a pre-workout formula that allows you to be productive in the gym and carry that productivity over into the rest of your day.

No gimmicks.

Most pre-workouts need a gimmicky name or exaggerated promise to sell. They use names like “ALPHA KING” or “BEAST MAKER” and guarantee you’ll be looking like a “GREEK GOD” in a week.

We’re not here to do any of that. There’s no need for a gimmick or exaggerated claim.

We want the results to speak for themselves.

No “Filler” Ingredients

Premium ingredients deliver premium results.

Many pre-workouts like to add to their ingredient list using compounds or minerals that might sound nice. But in reality, they likely have no significant benefits.

These are what we call “Filler” ingredients. And they are rampant in most pre-workouts.

PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout uses only scientifically-backed ingredients which have shown efficacy through clinical trials.

So you can be sure you’re putting nourishing compounds into your system.

No “Skimping” On Ingredients

PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout delivers the optimal dose of each ingredient in our 100% natural formula.

You see, many pre-workouts like to use less than clear ingredient lists. They may say they’re loaded with this vitamin or that mineral when actually they’re putting just the bare minimum into their formula.

Sometimes as little as 0.01 mg of that ingredient. Which, of course, has NO BENEFIT for you.

It’s a dirty little trick they use to sell their products. And we seriously despise this practice.

That’s why PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout contains a clear ingredient list with the dosage of each ingredient clearly shown.

Only Nourishing Ingredients To Feed Your Muscles

Dr. Thor Flexing

A high-quality pre-workout should maximize your energy in the gym… so you can have the best workout possible, resulting in the most efficient gains for you.

A high-quality pre-workout should naturally enhance stamina… so you perform at your best without the adverse side effects of stimulants.

A high-quality pre-workout should help you reach your goals… allowing you to crush your fitness goals without the crash.

We set out to ensure PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout could do all of these things for you. So, we built our formula using the best ingredients with zero stimulants.


L-Citrulline Malate + L-Arginine HCL








Niacin (B3), Vitamin B12 + Vitamin C

Sodium & Chloride

Sodium & Chloride

Red Beet Juice

Red Beet Juice

PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout Features A Patented Natural Bioenhancer BioPerine®

Did you know that the digestive process will destroy many of the nutrients you consume?

Unfortunately, it’s true.

A large chunk of the nutrients we eat will be flushed away or burned up in the digestive tract.

Compounds called Bioenhancers can protect the nutrients we consume so that our bodies can absorb significantly more nutritional goodness.

BioPerine® is an all-natural Bioenhancer derived from molecules found in black pepper. This compound holds a US patent and is used in many high-end health supplements. According to studies, BioPerine® can enhance the absorption rate of some nutrients by more than 50%.

We’ve put it in our pre-workout to allow you to soak up as much value from each serving as possible. That way, you can crush it in the gym every time.

Patented Natural Bioenhancer BioPerine®

Clinical Evidence Says It All

Our goal in building PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout was to deliver an elite pre-workout that could upgrade your workouts while avoiding crashes.

We’ve used pre-workouts, and many of them just can’t live up to their promises, let alone our expectations. That’s why we set out to give the world a better pre-workout.

In this process, the team at PrimeGENIX® spent months reading through clinical trials on nutrients related to pre-workouts.

We’re proud of the formula we built with PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout because all ingredients are backed by clinical research.

As you’ll see below, some of the best research professionals in the world have excellent things to say about the ingredients in our pre-workout formula.

PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout Clinical Trial

“L‐Citrulline supplementation resulted in a significant improvement in exercise performance”

Molecular Nutrition &
Food Research 2018

“Citrulline supplements significantly reduced post-exercise RPE and muscle soreness”

Journal of Sport and Health Science 2020

“L-arg supplementation increases Mbv (Muscle Blood Volume) during recovery from sets of resistance exercise”

Applied Physiology, Nutrition, And Metabolism 2012

“L-arginine supplementation could increase the sport performance in male athletes”

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2017

“Beta-alanine supplementation significantly augments muscle carnosine concentrations, thereby acting as an intracellular pH buffer”

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2015

“BA (Beta-Alanine) improved high-intensity cycling capacity”

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2011

“Use of BCAAs is better than passive recovery or rest after various forms of exhaustive and damaging exercise”

Nutrition 2017

“Taurine supplementation enhances endurance capacity”

Amino Acids 2022

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2011

“Supplementation with beetroot juice has been shown to diminish the muscular fatigue associated with high-intensity exercise efforts”

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2018

Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Kaleb Redden Recommends PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout

See why Dr. Kaleb Redden, a renowned Sports Medicine Physician, recommends PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout to his patients.

The Highest Manufacturing Standards Ensure Quality

PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout is manufactured in the United States of America. And the manufacturing standards meet cGMP regulations set forth by the FDA.

Too often, pre-workouts are made in faraway countries where the manufacturing standards are dubious at best. These products can have some severe issues with consistency and even side effects.

We’re proud to make our product in America, where the safety standards and regulations are some of the best in the world.

You’ll get the same consistent product with every batch of PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout.

PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout Clinical Trial

Try PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout 100% Risk-Free

PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout comes with an excellent money-back guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can return it up to 67 days after purchase and get a full refund.

We’re so confident you’ll get excellent results using our product that we’re willing to eat the loss if you don’t.

PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout 67 Day Guarantee

Do You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts?

Are you ready to have the best gym sessions of your life?

Do you want to get your work in, feel great, and experience no crash?

If you do, PrimeGENIX® Pre-Wokout can play a huge role in getting you there.

This pre-workout can prepare you to maximize your gains in the gym by providing high-quality energy without any stimulants.

Click the link to order your 100% risk-free shipment of PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout today.

PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout

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Yes, you can take PrimeGENIX® Pre-Workout any time of the day, with ZERO crash.

How long does Pre-Workout take to kick in?

Just use the provided scooper. Add one scoop to 10-12oz of cold water. Stir until the powder is dissolved, and you’re ready to go.

No, there is zero creatine in Pre-Workout.

You can buy Pre-Workout here.

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67 days guarantee

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