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Status of a Hair Loss Cure

We might be getting close to a hair loss cure. That’s the sentiment at least, from a team of researchers who published their finding that stem cells grew hair when transplanted in mice. Factor that in with other improvements in hair loss treatment technology and it’s an exciting time for the follicely-challenged. But we’re not there yet. […]

Is This the Hair Transplant of the Future?

We’re into natural remedies here at Natural Health Source. Among them are natural treatments for hair loss, like Profollica, and vitamins that encourage hair growth. But recent news that researchers are a step closer to growing new hair in dead follicles has folks excited. And if this progress continues, you might be too.Hair transplants offer […]

How to Treat Hair Loss in Women

A man looks at his hair loss and it’s like a punch to the kidneys. But when a woman goes through noticeable hair loss it can be much more severe. Unlike men, whom often lose their strands relatively quickly and in focussed areas, female hair loss tends to be gradual. It’s most often seen as […]

There’s Hope For Hair Loss

Gut punch: an estimated 80% of men under the age of 70 will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime. And though it happens earlier in some men than others, good-old hair loss rarely fails to make his appearance. If it’s any consolation to you, thinning locks don’t necessarily diminish your natural sex […]

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