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7 Reasons to Eat Wild Salmon

You can’t accuse us of not liking salmon here at Natural Health Source. There’s a good reason for that – evidence keeps piling up that this oily, coldwater fish may do everything from encourage hair growth to help you fight off depression and keep a few marbles upstairs. The fact that it’s delicious, and low […]

Hair Loss at 20

Balding hurts at any age. But it’s nothing short of murder for your confidence when you see hair loss at 20. It’s hard – especially if you’re single and trying to meet women at this age while maintaining your self worth at the sight of your thinning reflection. Let’s not forget those comments either. You […]

Status of a Hair Loss Cure

We might be getting close to a hair loss cure. That’s the sentiment at least, from a team of researchers who published their finding that stem cells grew hair when transplanted in mice. Factor that in with other improvements in hair loss treatment technology and it’s an exciting time for the follicely-challenged. But we’re not there yet. […]

Natural Oils For Your Hair

Skinception argan oil is one of the hottest-selling products here at Natural Health Source and with good reason. Natural oils like argan have many applications – from skin moisturizer to nail strengthener. Many clients find it even helps them save money because it reduces the need for a traditional moisturizer and hair conditioner.And it’s the […]

Can Women Use Profollica?

Profollica is a natural two or optional three-step system designed to help men reduce genetic hair loss. The product is ideal for guys looking for a natural way to address the cause of male pattern baldness – excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Yet, with roughly 60%of American women over 70 struggling with female hair loss, […]

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is simply hair loss. You’ve heard of male pattern baldness – that’s androgenetic alopecia. But there are many forms of hair loss, among them involutional, areata and unversalis, all linked by the common thread of purging hair from the body. Don’t sweat too much about the odd hair remaining in your comb. Assuming you’re […]

How to Treat Hair Loss Naturally

There’s more than enough hurt from hair loss to go around and punch more than 85% of American men right in the ego. This stat, from the American Hair Loss Association, which claims that two-thirds of guys will experience noticeable hair loss by 35. Nudge that figure up 20% when he hits 50. Now where […]

How to Treat Hair Loss in Women

A man looks at his hair loss and it’s like a punch to the kidneys. But when a woman goes through noticeable hair loss it can be much more severe. Unlike men, whom often lose their strands relatively quickly and in focussed areas, female hair loss tends to be gradual. It’s most often seen as […]

Hair Growth For the Seasons

Want as much hair growth in winter as you get in July? Focus on your scalp. The crisp air of winter can combine with those hot comfort showers we like in December and leave your hair clumpy and limp. A dry scalp does little for hair growth. But you can prevent that. Hair growth for […]

Foods That Make Hair Grow

Few factors within your control affect quality of life more than diet. Eat well and you’ll reap the rewards, with good health, emotional stability and even for beauty. Yes, food affects your looks. Did that get your attention? Food can affect scalp health and make hair grow. That’s not to say that a hair-friendly diet […]

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