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Try These Male Enhancement Products

VigRX_Oil_Male_Enhancement_GelYou wouldn’t be wrong to think of male enhancement as products that help guys rise in the bedroom. There’s male enhancement for penis size and more for performance. But we’re gonna get cheeky here and expand that definition. For our purposes, for the next 2,000 words or so, ‘male enhancement’ means products that help men live better – with several paths to the same destination.See, the bedroom is just one part of the big picture. Sure, it’s the best part, but the road to get there can be a difficult one, especially as we get older. Enough with male enhancement being just sex pills and penis enlargement. Bring on more products – the stuff that adds muscle, brings sex appeal, boosts hormones and other cool stuff.

Male Enhancement For the Bedroom

We can’t have an article about male enhancement and not talk about, well, male enhancement.

You know these products best as natural supplements that give men size and performance.

VigRX Plus is a male libido pill and the obvious choice here.

But don’t neglect semen volume enhancers, natural lubricants or a newer, more intense version of VigRX Plus, called VigFX.

VigRX Plus – Size, Sex Drive and Stamina

About the Product: The leading natural male enhancement supplement for guys who want bigger erections, stamina and a sex drive that would put most 18 year-olds to shame. Clinical studies link VigRX Plus to a 71% increase in sexual satisfaction and 62% increased ability to keep an erection.Target Audience: Men 30+ with mild erectile issues or who simply want to stoke their sex drive and ability to light it up behind closed doors.

Why You Should Buy It: VigRX Plus is one of the best natural sex pills you’re gonna find, if not the leader.

Related Products: ProSolution Pills and ProSolution Plus – the latter is one of the few natural libido supplements men can use to treat premature ejaculation.


VigRX Oil – An Instant Erection and Performance

About the Product: The product men buy when they want a natural lubricant good for an erection in a minute or less. VigRX Oil uses a transdermal delivery system that instantly delivers the best sexual herbals for the money to the penile tissue. The result is an instant, larger erection.

Target Audience: Any adult man can use a natural lubricant, though it’s quite popular with men over 60, who like that it offers instant arousal and performance with the VigRX name attached to it.

Why You Should Buy It: Because drugstore lubricants are typically drowning in chemicals and synthetic stuff that ain’t got no business on your Johnson – or in her pink parts.

Related Products: You can’t go wrong with ProSolution Gel either. Different formula, same result.


Semenax – A Longer, More Intense Orgasm

About the Product: A longer orgasm? Yup, and more intense too. Semenax is a semen volume enhancer. That means it increases volume of semen (who’d a thunk?), which forces the orgasmic muscles to contract longer and with more intensity.

Target Audience: Guys who want longer orgasms. They’re typically 30+ and fiercely loyal. Over 70% of Semenax clients are return customers.

Why You Should Buy It: Longer orgasms. ‘Nuff said.

Related Products: You can also try Volume Pills. It’s another volume enhancer, albeit with a different formula.


ProExtender – A Bigger PenisProExtender_System_Penis_Enlargement

About the Product: Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible to get a bigger penis. It’s more than possible – it’s probable – when you use a penis extender, which sits on your anatomy and gradually encourages cellular meiosis, and growth of new penile tissue. That’s all done painlessly too.

Target Audience: Men who want a bigger penis, whether that’s someone who’s just a little smaller than the average 5.5 inches when fully erect, or a dude who just wants to get as big as he can.

Why You Should Buy It: A bigger penis. Larger enough to hit those sweet spots when you’re in your woman and make her gasp when she catches a glimpse of what God gave you. ProExtender System leads the pack among penis extenders because it’s a medical-grade device, comfortable to wear, used by doctors in over 29 countries, and most importantly, it adds the most inches.

Related Products: ProExtender is pretty much in a class by itself, though you might complement the results you get with it by using a safe penis-enlargement exercise system like Erection Fitness.


VigFX – Extreme VigRX Plus (Trial Only)

About the Product: Feeling adventerous? Try VigFX – a new product based on the VigRX Plus formula but in a liquid gelcap and with enteric coating. That means it releases slowly into the bloodstream and it has up to 90% absorption, so you get MORE out of the VigRX Plus formula. Basically it’s a natural male enhancement pill times three.

Target Audience: Guys who want an extreme version of VigRX Plus. That’s a bigger erection, stamina and a sex drive that will have you mating about ten times a day.

Why You Should Buy It: You can’t buy it. VigFX is only available as a free trial program. They only let a few guys in at a time.

Related Products: None. VigFX is uncharted natural male virility that takes things to the next level. It’s a trial program only though – consider this the equivalent of glimpsing a prototype aircraft with spy images. Go to TryVigFX to learn more.

For Sex Appeal

Granted, it’s more difficult to have sex if you’re not rockin’ some good sex appeal. So clean up, hit the gym a little, stand up straight and try some of the products we’re about to discuss…

Nexus Pheromones – Sexy Signals

About the Product: Want to mystify women, as in have them spellbound and captivated by your presence? Try Nexus Pheromones – 7 chemical secretions given off by alpha males who are ‘tall, dark and handsome’ that bypass her rational side and go directly to the part of the female brain linked to attraction.

Target Audience: Guys over 21. They’re spread pretty evenly from men in their twenties to late fifties, although some senior men buy Nexus Pheromones as well.

Why You Should Buy It: For an edge with women. Very few guys give off the kind of pheromones that drive women crazy. Put a little biology on your side and it makes all the difference in a crowded bar full of guys vying for her attention or other places where you’d meet ladies.

Related Products: Most guys say Nexus Pheromones is the best pheromones product on the market.


HyperGH 14X – Bigger Muscles

About the Product: You’ve got an edge with Nexus Pheromones, but you’re lethal when you combine them with huge muscles. Do that with HyperGH 14X, a legal HGH supplement that stimulates more growth hormone while you’re in the gym. The results: bigger muscles and a cut physique.

Guy_With_Muscles_Sexy_CoupleTarget Audience: Know any guys who want bigger muscles? That’s typically men of all ages who’ve tried creatine and protein powder but want something more effective – naturally.

Why You Should Buy It: Do you like large breasts on women? Flip genders and you’ll find women like men with muscles. You might also buy HyperGH if you’re a serious athlete or just want an edge in the weight room.

Related Products: HyperGH is an HGH releaser, so it’s similar to GenF20 Plus, GenFX and Provacyl, but in a higher dose so it’s more suitable for muscle growth and development.


Stop Grow – Less Body Hair

About the Product: Don’t want to be the hairy guy anymore? Get rid of that shag with Stop Grow for Men – a body hair inhibitor that interrupts the growth phase of body hair on application.

Target Audience: Guys of all ages who get sick of shaving, waxing and other things men do to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Why You Should Buy It: Acceptance of chest hair can change frequently, but it’s a sin against sex appeal on most other body parts. Think the back, buttocks, shoulders, neck and toes. Stop Grow reduces hair growth in these areas and lets you ‘thin out’ spots like the chest, or blitz it completely. Stop Grow is painless too, and works on body hair of any color.

Related Products: You can also try another body hair inhibitor, Ultra Hair Away, though most guys prefer Stop Grow.

For Anti-Aging

Men have it a little easier in the aging department than women do.

True, we lose hair and trade our teenage six-pack for one in the fridge, but male skin tends to age slower because it has about 25% more collagen.

You’ll still want to consider an HGH releaser though because we lose roughly 10% of our hormones for each decade past 30.

GenF20 Plus – A Younger Body and Mind

About the Product: What needs to be said about GenF20 Plus? Well, it’s the leading natural human growth hormone (HGH) supplement on the market, and stimulates natural production of this youthful hormone. Expect a HUGE variety of anti-aging benefits with that, from less hair loss and a leaner body to sharp memory and more energy.

Target Audience: Usually men 40+. They’re often married and have tried other HGH releasers in the past. Over half of GenF20 Plus clients are repeat customers. They come to GenF20 Plus for the full package: more energy, less fat storage, younger appearance, the whole deal – without touching synthetic HGH injections.

Why You Should Buy It: Almost 99% of GenF20 Plus clients say they’d buy it again.

Related Products: It’s an HGH releaser, so it’s similar to Provacyl and HyperGH.


Provacyl – For HGH and TestosteroneProvacyl

About the Product: GenF20 Plus is the leading HGH releaser, but andropause is a completely different beast. For that you want a supplement that encourages both HGH and testosterone. And that’s when you buy Provacyl.

Target Audience: The estimated 30% of American adult men suffering from andropause – AKA male menopause – which typically hits around 50 and with symptoms like depression, ED, lower sex drive and lack of enjoyment in life.

Why You Should Buy It: You’re losing hormones, friend. Both testosterone and HGH decline each decade after 30. At 70, it’s not uncommon for men to have half the hormones they had at 25. You live once, so make each decade count.

Related Products: GenF20 Plus and HyperGH, though Provacyl is tailored to men looking for natural production of both HGH and testosterone.

Tailor For Your Needs

In a perfect world you might have all the male enhancement products listed here.

VigRX Plus for sex drive and Semenax for a longer orgasm achieved with a bigger penis from ProExtender?

That’s the best of everything.

But you’re probably on a budget, or you might just want to mix and match a little.

If you’re in the latter camp, try this:

If you had to choose one male enhancement productl, try VigRX Plus.

True, Semenax will give you an intensely long orgasm (and if you can afford it, be sure to add Semenax to your order) but VigRX Plus has led the industry for over ten years.

That’s because of a powerful, clinically proven formula and with doctor-approval.

VigFX_Male_Enhancement_PillsYou can’t beat the king, so don’t even try.

Go for VigRX Plus and you’re good in the bedroom – and for an extreme version of it, sign up for the VigFX free trial.

For male enhancement sex appeal, consider Nexus Pheromones.

I’d say this is your first choice because it requires the least energy on your part.

It’s an easy win – you spray on Nexus and you’re suddenly hot.

Add HyperGH for muscle and Stop Grow in beach season and you’re very sexual, and with sex appeal to raise more than a few eyebrows when your shirt comes off.

Finally, remember that Father Time can be a mean old man.

You’ll want to beat him with a supplement designed for natural hormone production.

That’s gonna be GenF20 Plus or Provacyl.

Go for GenF20 Plus unless you’re really feeling down in the dumps, in which case you might opt for Provacyl.

You’ll get a cocktail of testosterone and HGH that will have you nimble and ship shape in no time at all.

So to conclude, experiment.

Try some of the male enhancement products we’ve reviewed here for your particular needs.

They’re all designed to enhance natural health and help men lead healthy, fulfulling lives.

You’ll have more sex, satisfaction and look great while you do it – and remember these products come with minimum 60 day money-back guarantee.  

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