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Women's Health

Put yourself first with our series of spa-quality skin care products, anti-aging supplements, and sexual health products all formulated with women's unique health needs in mind, using the very latest medical research and clinical studies.

No matter whether you're fighting crow's feet, sagging skin, or stretch marks... or you'd like to reclaim the youthful vitality and sexual energy of your twenties, there's something here for you.

Purchase with confidence, knowing our products are doctor-approved and backed by our NO RISK Moneyback Guarantee!

Why Purchase Organic Supplements for Women?

You don't need to get a prescription for problems that can be, and have been, solved naturally for centuries.

Natural female enhancement refers to natural supplements for women, whether for immediate lubrication, as a long-term strategy to treat the shifting hormones responsible for a wavering sex drive, for ability to have frequent and multiple orgasms, or all three and more.

Provestra™ is a women's libido pill, formulated with botanicals and aphrodisiacs that nurture the female reproductive system. Benefits of Provestra™? More lubrication, increased thoughts about and desire for sex, full body arousal and deep, even multiple orgasms. Adding natural botanical based aphrodisiacs to stimulate waning sex drive can help heat things up in the bedroom.

Estimates suggest that up to 10% of American women have never experienced the joy of orgasm. That's unnecessary, because a natural female enhancement pill like Provestra™ is designed specifically to align the female body for sexual health and take back that pleasure so often snatched away by stress, poor diet, menopause and the general aging process.

Get the Best All-Natural Lubrication

A natural enhancement gel offers immediate relief to vaginal dryness and provides deep and engorging stimulation. And with that, an intense, and sometimes multiple orgasms.

The female enhancement gels you'll find on Natural Health Source, including Vigorelle™ and HerSolution Gel™, are all-natural, water based, organic personal lubricants with none of the harmful ingredients, like nonoxynol-9 found in many drug store lubrications (that can aggravate the female anatomy and increase risk of HPV and even HIV infection).

What Female Enhancement Products Should I Purchase?

The female enhancement products featured on Natural Health Source are natural products for today's woman and her ability to have regular – and more importantly – enjoyable sex. And being natural, they may avoid the pitfalls of common over-the-counter lubricants and hormone replacement therapy.

For immediate help, consider a female enhancement gel, like Vigorelle™ or HerSolution Gel™. They won't treat long-term sexual function, but they're fast and convenient. And notably, they're water-based, meaning they're easy to clean and are less likely to irritate.

If you're looking for a long-term strategy for your sex drive and ability to easily reach orgasm, consider a female libido pill, like Provestra™. While they generally take some weeks to deliver their benefits as the natural ingredients go to work on the body, when they do, you'll enjoy increased thoughts about sex, stamina for longer sessions and increased orgasm ability.