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7 Reasons to Eat Wild Salmon

You can’t accuse us of not liking salmon here at Natural Health Source. There’s a good reason for that – evidence keeps piling up that this oily, coldwater fish may do everything from encourage hair growth to help you fight off depression and keep a few marbles upstairs. The fact that it’s delicious, and low […]

Try These Anti-Aging Foods

Want the Coles notes version of which foods offer the best anti-aging benefits for the money? Load up on fruits and vegetables. That’s because they’re high in antioxidants – those nifty little guys that fight cell-damaging free radicals. To really put them on your side, eat produce for all colors of the rainbow. While we’re […]

Sperm Defects Linked to Shorter Life

The average sperm count yields between 20 and 40 million swimmers per milliliter. That mirrors a general consensus that sperm production has wavered over the past several decades. Yet a new study released this week suggests still another reason why you should watch your swimmers: sperm defects are linked to a shorter life. That should […]

Estrogen May Not Help Brain After Menopause

Don’t do hormone replacement therapy to keep mental clarity after menopause. That’s the prevailing thought, anyway, according to a new study, released last week, in which researchers proposed no benefit to post-menopausal women who pursue synthetic estrogen to keep their synapses firing on all cylinders. Age didn’t matter either; whether they were five or ten years […]

What is Eczema?

I can’t wear rubber gloves when I wash the dishes. I need to steer clear of many harsh soaps, industrial cleaners and bleached fabrics too. The reason? Eczema – a skin condition caused by inflammation and the most common dermatitis, which makes skin red, itchy, and just plain miserable to live with. I guess I […]

Chia Seeds Pack a Nutritional Wallop

Gen Xers and their parents might best associate chia seeds with the Chia pet: a delightful figurine designed with chia seeds that sprout ‘hair’ or fur. There was a chia kitten, a puppy and even a Garfield and Mr. T. Now a new generation gets to join the fun, with a Chia Shrek, a SpongeBob, […]

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