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Does Provestra Help Menopause Symptoms?

You probably know Provestra best as a natural libido supplement for women. Indeed that’s what it is – Provestra is made with herbals, botanicals, and nutrients like ginseng and black cohosh root that gently address the shifting hormones that tend to occur in women over time. Those shifting hormones are most likely why you’re reading […]

Why There’s No Prescription Sex Pill For Women

I’m no Jim Cramer (Booya to You!), but you don’t have to be a stock jock to figure the first company that successfully markets a prescription sex pill for women is gonna do well. A female viagra would do wonders for the estimated 43% of women just going through the motions. And with that kind of demand, it’s […]

The Pros and Cons of HRT For Menopause

Prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have yet to recover from a hit by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002. That’s when the WHI rocked the medical community with their findings that combined progestin/estrogen therapy was not just ineffective, it was dangerous too, with higher risk of breast cancer, stroke and heart disease linked […]

Estrogen May Not Help Brain After Menopause

Don’t do hormone replacement therapy to keep mental clarity after menopause. That’s the prevailing thought, anyway, according to a new study, released last week, in which researchers proposed no benefit to post-menopausal women who pursue synthetic estrogen to keep their synapses firing on all cylinders. Age didn’t matter either; whether they were five or ten years […]

Natural Alternatives to HRT For Women

Nightsweats. Dryness. Pain and mood swings. They’re all symptoms of menopause that can make life miserable, affecting roughly 40% of women who’ve been through this milestone. Are there solutions? You can try hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Or you can try their natural alternatives. HRT is a system of medical treatments designed to mimic the effects […]

How to Reduce Hot Flashes

Did you know there’s no word in Japanese for “hot flash”? That’s because, generally speaking, Japanese women don’t get them. They’re also less susceptible to night sweats and several other symptoms of menopause that affect up to 80% of American women, with sleeping problems, heart palpitations, anxiety and irritability often to follow. Yet only 5% […]

Sex and the Senior Woman

In the old days, life was a struggle. Forget pensions or car loans. Our ancestors just struggled to eke out their existence. Basic requirements to get through the day? Shelter, food, and perhaps a warm fire. Fast forward a few hundred years and things have changed. No longer are we satisfied with just the basics. […]

Natural Female Enhancement and Menopause

There’s a growing interest, in the United States and around the world, to treat night sweats, hot flashes and symptoms of menopause with hormone replacement therapy. That’s a controversial form of therapy to supplement levels of estrogen and progesterone that, although effective as a menopause treatment, is linked to increased risk of cancer, stroke and […]

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