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The Mediterranean Diet and Anti-Aging

The Mediterranean Diet is a broad term that encapsulates the eating habits of countries along the Mediterranean Sea. It’s also a buzzword in the health community – you’ve likely heard of many studies linking the Mediterranean diet to a variety of anti-aging benefits like brain health and cancer prevention. Many studies have been performed on […]

Should I Do Hormone Replacement Therapy?

It’s been a bumpy ride for proponents of hormone replacement therapy since 2002. That was the year a landmark study by the Women’s Health Initiative found the controversial treatment – once favored as a remedy for menopause symptoms – increased risk of breast cancer and stroke. Sales plummeted, and have not been helped by further […]

Should I Try the Low FODMAP Diet?

So many diets, so little clarity. The low FODMAP diet is among them – it’s been knocked back and forth like a ping pong ball lately, with the most recent study suggesting it does little to help people with irritable bowel syndrome. This most recent study hardly settles the debate whether the low FODMAP diet […]

New Clues About Rosacea and Eczema

One causes facial redness, the other cracks your skin and makes you itch like nothing else. Rosacea and eczema are two skin disorders that can make your life just plain miserable. Now two studies offer new insight into these problematic skin diseases, and why it’s important to not dismiss them as skin-deep issues. The studies […]

What You Should Know About Colitis

This is not going to be one of the more attractive articles we’ve ever featured here at Natural Health Source. That’s because we’re going to talk about colitis – inflammation of the colon – which won’t kill you, but can make life very unpleasant and lead to further health issues down the road. Bear with […]

Sperm Defects Linked to Shorter Life

The average sperm count yields between 20 and 40 million swimmers per milliliter. That mirrors a general consensus that sperm production has wavered over the past several decades. Yet a new study released this week suggests still another reason why you should watch your swimmers: sperm defects are linked to a shorter life. That should […]

Look For Natural Alternatives to Soda Pop

By Steven Hutchings Michael Bloomberg may be determined to implement a soda tax to ease the burden of obesity in the Big Apple, but he’s got a heck of a fight ahead of him. A recent online poll of 2,100 adults found that between 56% and 58% of Americans opposed the tax, with two-thirds of […]

Heart Disease is a Killer

By Steven HutchingsOne in three of us is a walking time bomb. When the ticking stops, your life might go with it. But as the leading cause of death in the United States – indeed, the most common reason people die anywhere on the planet – it’s far more deadly than any explosive.Heart disease is […]

ED and Heart Disease

You might say it’s the most powerful force on the planet. No, it’s not gossip – that’s the one thing that travels faster than the speed of light – we’re talking about man’s desire to have sex. No erection, no life. Pretty simple and ruthlessly accurate. The good news is that there’s no reason why […]

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