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Over the Counter Male Enhancement

Google Over the Counter Male Enhancement and you’ll get at least 2 million results. Some products are good, some are fake. And some, well, are akin to a pill made of sawdust. That doesn’t mean you should avoid over the counter male enhancement completely. It just means it’s not a fair playing field. There are […]

Try These Male Enhancement Products

You wouldn’t be wrong to think of male enhancement as products that help guys rise in the bedroom. There’s male enhancement for penis size and more for performance. But we’re gonna get cheeky here and expand that definition. For our purposes, for the next 2,000 words or so, ‘male enhancement’ means products that help men […]

Sperm Defects Linked to Shorter Life

The average sperm count yields between 20 and 40 million swimmers per milliliter. That mirrors a general consensus that sperm production has wavered over the past several decades. Yet a new study released this week suggests still another reason why you should watch your swimmers: sperm defects are linked to a shorter life. That should […]

What Can Male Enhancement Do For Me?

A bigger penis! Herbal viagra! You’ve probably heard these promises about male enhancement and you’re a little skeptical. That’s good – you should be. Estimates put spam at close to 90% of all emails, with most of those being penis-related.That’s a whole lot of clogged inboxes. Most of these male enhancement products, when they exist, […]

How (and How Not) to Top Up Your Sperm Bank

That bacon burger quaffed down at lunch ain’t doing your sperm bank any favors. Two months ago, at the annual meeting of the International Federation of Fertility Societies and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, researchers presented a series of findings on the state of things spermy. Among them? Processed meats are bad for sperm. […]

What is a Natural Male Enhancer?

A natural male enhancer or enhancement product made of herbals and amino acids for size and performance. There are male enhancers that increase sex drive, boost semen production and some that even give you a bigger erection. A good thing? Of course, but… There’s always a ‘but’ and here it is: many natural male enhancers are scammy products that […]

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