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Sperm Defects Linked to Shorter Life

The average sperm count yields between 20 and 40 million swimmers per milliliter. That mirrors a general consensus that sperm production has wavered over the past several decades. Yet a new study released this week suggests still another reason why you should watch your swimmers: sperm defects are linked to a shorter life. That should […]

How Guys Might Increase Fertility

Here’s an odd pairing for you: what do your sperm and National Lampoon’s Vacation, that cult hit from way back in 1983 have in common? Never seen it? I’ll summarize it for you. An all-American family from Chicago, quarterbacked by determined, yet dim-witted Chevy Chase (sorry Clark, love ya man) drives across the western United […]

Male Enhancers and Sperm Health

Male enhancement is a generic term for products and techniques that relate to the penis and sexual health. But male enhancers can do more than make your penis bigger. As it turns out, they can also boost semen production. And more swimmers is a good thing. What kind of male enhancers are we talking about? […]

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