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Men's Health

Feeling your age? Sex drive not what it could be...? It happens to most guys at some point!

So for men who wish to optimize their health, appearance, and sexual performance there's our lineup of #1 rated anti-aging supplements, hair loss treatment systems, and sexual health products. It's everything you need to combat a diminished sex drive... a receding hair line... or even hormone imbalances... safely and effectively!

Purchase with confidence knowing our products are doctor-approved and backed by our NO RISK Moneyback Guarantee!

  • VigRX Plus

    VigRX Plus®

    Rated #1 for male sexual enhancement. Clinical trial with REAL MEN showed a 71.43% increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction. Doctor recommended!

    As Low As $41

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  • VigRX Oil

    VigRX Oil™

    Take the training wheels of your lube with our popular topical male performance enhancer. Works on contact to boost your nitric oxide levels for erections on demand.

    As Low As $34

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  • Semenax


    Increase the total volume of semen you ejaculate during orgasm by up to 500%... for bigger, harder, longer lasting orgasms that are more visually impressive!

    As Low As $34

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  • Extenze


    Go bigger, harder – longer with the help of this #1 rated male enhancement supplement, formulated with a series of 26 natural erection enhancing herbals .

    As Low As $49

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  • Magna RX+

    Magna RX+®

    Magna RX+® can help you take charge in the bedroom! It’s a natural virility supplement for guys designed to help you get bigger and harder, fuel your sex drive and blow your partner away!

    As Low As $52

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  • TestRX


    Feel like you're in your 20s again with natural increases to your body's own testosterone!

    As Low As $57

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  • GenF20® Plus

    GenF20® Plus

    Fight aging from the inside out by naturally boosting your production of "youth hormones" with the help of this #1 rated HGH Releasing System.

    As Low As $67

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  • HyperGH 14x

    HyperGH 14x

    HyperGH 14x™ is by far the most sophisticated growth hormone (HGH) releasing system available to bodybuilders on the market today.

    As Low As $65

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  • Maxoderm


    Take your female partners to multiple orgasms with this topical performance enhancer that increases endurance while giving you intensely pleasurable orgasms!

    As Low As $50

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  • VigRX


    The GOLD STANDARD in male sexual enhancement. Rev up desire, improve stamina, increase erection hardness, and more! Superior formulation, doctor recommended!

    As Low As $34

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  • Nexus Pheromones

    Nexus Pheromones™

    Imagine endless beautiful women suddenly approaching YOU! More than 12 years of scientific breakthroughs make it possible with the help of this sex pheromone cologne!

    As Low As $50

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  • Profollica


    Slow, stop, and even REVERSE your hair loss – by lowering your 'DHT levels' with the help of this scientifically formulated 2-step hair regrowth system.

    As Low As $50

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  • Ultra Hair Away

    Ultra Hair Away™

    The permanent solution for unwanted hair – results in 2-4 weeks! Stop using painful waxing, electrolysis, shaving, or dangerous chemical depilatories to remove hair.

    As Low As $34

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  • Prosolution Pills

    ProSolution Pills™

    A top natural male enhancement supplement, doctor-approved, for a larger & harder erection with increased stamina and sex drive!

    As Low As $34

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  • ProSolution Plus

    ProSolution Plus™

    Use ProSolution Plus™ to treat premature ejaculation, as a leading natural libido supplement - or both!

    As Low As $36

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  • Prosolution Gel

    ProSolution Gel™

    A water-based & condom-compatible natural ticket to instant virility, with an erection when you need it and the stamina to match!

    As Low As $34

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  • Provacyl


    An all-natural supplement for men that stimulates the body's own production of "youth hormone". More energy, thicker bones, fewer wrinkles and a renewed outlook on life!

    As Low As $33

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  • Volume Pills

    Volume Pills™

    Extends your orgasm up to five times longer with an all-natural, doctor-approved formula that will truly amaze both you and your partner!

    As Low As $30

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  • Genfx


    A top HGH releaser, all-natural and doctor-approved. For men and women interested in more energy, rejuvenated sex drive, physical stamina and a permanent smile!

    As Low As $34

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  • Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor

    Stop Grow™ Hair Growth Inhibitor

    Get ready to shave less and show more of your hair-free body! Stop Grow™'s new, all-natural formula is clinically proven to reduce body hair by up to 69%.

    As Low As $34

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  • VigFX


    VigFX is an intense version of VigRX Plus. It's for guys who want extreme natural virility and the pleasure that goes with it.

    As Low As $65

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  • VigRX Delay Spray

    VigRX® Delay Spray

    Last longer and delay your orgasm with VigRX Delay Spray, and prolong your pleasure until you CHOOSE to release!

    As Low As $37

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  • VigRX Prostate Support

    VigRX® Prostate Support

    Ever had trouble peeing? There's a good chance that will get worse over time – something you may help with VigRX Prostate Support®, which packs VigRX® care with clinically studied nutrients that support prostate wellness and function.

    As Low As $49

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  • VigRX Tongkat Ali Pure

    VigRX® Tongkat Ali Pure

    Fight muscle loss, low libido, lack of energy and loss of your male sex hormones with VigRX® Tongkat Ali - and be the man nature WANTS you to be!

    As Low As $49

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  • VigRX Organic Bio Maca

    VigRX® Organic Bio Maca

    The Ultimate Hack to Male Health and Vitality!

    As Low As $49

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Natural Health Supplements for Male Enhancement

Male enhancement refers to products and techniques that benefit the male anatomy. Here on Natural Health Source, you'll find natural male enhancement products for instant arousal, for long-term sexual health and function and even to increase penis size.

Natural male enhancement employs herbals and botanicals that are clinically proven stimulate the male anatomy. Choose a male enhancement product, be it an enhancement pill, a gel, or an enlargement product to suit your needs. And for more information, be sure to visit our enhancement articles section.

About Male Enhancement Products

The male enhancement products offered on Natural Health Source employ ancient wisdom and understanding of the male anatomy, and simply put, what makes it tick, with herbals used for sexual health and as aphrodisiacs.

A male enhancement pill is a potency supplement that men take for ongoing sexual health, performance and desire. Try an enhancement pill for increased libido, stamina and enjoyment of sex.

A male enhancement oil or gel is a topical treatment for instant arousal and hardness. While it doesn't treat long-term sexual health or desire, it's a quick way to get an erection in preparation for sex. The organic herbs in a topical enhancement gel like VigRX Oil™ can produce an erection in less than a minute! No more waiting for that little blue pill to kick in!

Natural Male Enhancement Pills

A natural male enhancement pill is a male supplement with proven herbals and amino acids that "enhance" sexual health, with increased blood flow to the penis, improved erection quality and control, an increase in sexual desire and more.

You can purchase a male enhancement pill for different functions. Semenax™, for example, is a semen volume enhancer that, true to its description, increases the size of your ejaculate, for an impressive delivery of semen and a longer, more pleasurable orgasm. Finish like an adult film star every time and she will be impressed at your vigor (and her help in your doing so).

Another consistent seller, the male libido pill, is formulated for increased desire for sex, with improved stamina and a larger, harder erection. VigRX Plus™ is a male libido pill formulated with Bioperine®, which increases the absorption rate of the ingredients it's combined with. VigRX Plus™ is a natural alternative to prescription ED pills, with superior long-term results in comparison.

Other Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancement relates to the male biology and satisfaction with a man's performance and what he brings to his lover. To that end, there are male enhancement products on Natural Health Source for instant arousal, and those that increase penis size.

In the latter camp, a penis extender is a device that sits on and "extends" the penis with light, yet consistent pressure. Over time, this process stimulates cell mitosis within the penile tissue, for new growth, and ultimately, a larger penis.

A penis exercise system is a series of exercises that use traction-based movements, like "jelquing" to encourage new tissue growth and size. This doesn't happen over night, of course, but with time and consistency, such exercises are a proven way to make your penis bigger.

Finally, a male enhancement oil or gel is a liquid substance, for instant hardness and arousal. While they have no influence on long-term sexual health or desire, an natural enhancement gel offers a fast erection when you need it most.

A male enhancement gel, like ProSolution Gel™, contains only natural ingredients, and therefore may side-step the risks of synthetic lubricants.

Should I Buy a Male Enhancement Product?

Natural male enhancement offers men a healthy alternative to over the counter and prescription male enhancement products. Try a male enhancement pill available on Natural Health Source for ongoing sexual desire, health and performance. Buy a male enhancement gel for instant arousal and stamina to go with it. And to cover all your bases, use both.

Consider natural male enhancement as an investment in your health and vitality. The herbals used in natural male enhancement products have been used for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years, to enhance sexual health and enjoyment of sex.

Also remember that penis size matters if it affects your confidence and what you bring to your partner. To that end, you'll find safe and effective products on Natural Health Source to increase penis size, help its performance and ultimately to enhance quality of life and happiness.